Tip #185 (Revised)

Tip #185(Revised)

After installing the new spell-checker option at several locations, I’ve discovered that in some computers invoking the spell-checker automatically when entering the card message fields, causes some computers to freeze.
Therefore, I’ve had to change this new feature because I cannot have it working in some systems and not others.
So, until I’m able to figure out why some computer freeze and some don’t, this new way will work on any computer.  This is how…

As soon as you enter a card message field, flowerSoft will display a popup message at the top of the screen, like this…


When you hit the combination keystroke Ctrl + S which you should all know by now means “Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the S key” will either activate or deactivate the spell-checker (Tinyspell).  This can be done using just 2 fingers from your left hand.

When the spell-checker detects a misspelled word, it will “beep” and display the word on a little popup box.  Like this…


The length of time the popup box remains visible is configurable.  I have mine set at 10 seconds which should give you ample time to click on it and display the list of suggestions.

Clicking on one of the suggestions, will replace the misspelled word with the suggestion selected.


One little quirk you will have to get used to is that when you select the word from the suggestion list, Tinyspell will replace the misspelled word only if you are on the same line.  Otherwise it will just insert the word in the line you are on.

When you leave the card message field, you will have to hit Ctrl + S to deactivate the spell-checker program.  You can leave it on if you want, as long as you understand that it will beep every time it thinks you’ve misspelled something.
I realize that this is not as convenient as the original method where the spell-checker would be automatically activated when entering the card message fields and deactivated when leaving those fields, but technical difficulties have required the change.

If you do not have Tinyspell installed in your computers, download the application (it’s free) from http://tinyspell.numerit.com/ and install it in every computer that uses flowerSoft.

I’m disappointed that I had to eliminate the automatic activation and deactivation of the spell-checker but it had to be done so that every one can use it.

By the way, flowerSoft own spell-checker is still active.  If you want to deactivated it, go to the “Defaults” option in the Manager’s menu and changed the setting there from “Yes” to “No.”

That’s all folks.

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