Tip #185- Improved Spell Checker

Tip #185
Improved Spell-Checker

If you have ever used the spell-checker in flowerSoft, you know that there is room for improvement there.  It was written many years ago and it has never been improved.
Well, I think the improvement has arrived.
Here is how the spell-checker will work from now on…spc01

You will notice a small icon on the right-hand side of your task-bar.
A red “x” on the icon indicates that the check-speller is not turned on.

As you enter the card message area’s first line, the sentiment line, the spell-checker will still be off.  That is because you are likely to use a card message code on this line and the spell-checker will most likely think is a misspelled word.spc03

However, as soon as you enter the second line of the card, the spell-checker will be turned on, as indicated by the check-mark on the icon.
As you type the card message, the spell-checker is looking at every word you type.  If it detects a misspelled word, it will beep to alert you and the icon will turn yellow.spc04

You can then correct the spelling of the word if it was just a typo or if you are not sure of the spelling, you can click on the icon and a list of suggestions will be displayed.spc04 spc09

Clicking on the correct suggestion, will replace the misspelled word on the card message.spc05

As you keep typing, the spell checker continues to check you spelling…spc07

As soon as you leave the card message area and enter the occasion field, the spell-checker will be turned off.spc08

If you should find the need to turn the spell-checker on and off manually, you can do so by hitting ctrl + s at any time.



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