Tip #184 – “New User” Mode

Tip #184
“New User” Mode

flowerSoft now has a “new user” mode in order entry that can be activated and de-activated by pushing a key.

If you have a new employee trying to learn the intricacies of flowerSoft or if you are a new flowerSoft shop, you might find this new feature useful.  If you are an experienced user, you  might find it a bit distracting and not care for it.
Once your new employee is familiar with flowerSoft, he or she can just turn the “new user” mode off.

The “new user” mode displays more in-depth information of what flowerSoft is expecting you to do at each filed you enter and what options (not all, just the most popular) are available from each field.  Here are some screen shots of what it looks like…

NU01 NU02 NU03 NU04 NU05 NU06 NU07 NU08 NU09 NU10

You can access the “new user” mode from any computer running flowerSoft by simply pressing “N” from the New Orders menu.


and you can turn it off by pressing “N” again…


You can also turned the “New User” mode on and off by pressing the F3 key and then pressing “N”




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