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Bloomnet Interface Update

Bloomnet Interface Update

Well, the $25/month charge is per florist using the interface.  800-Flowers will charge me and then I will past the monthly cost to those using the interface.  So effectively, those using the interface will have to pay $25/month for the privilege, in addition to the initial cost of the interface.  If you are still interested, please let me know.

Bloomnet Interface

Bloomnet Interface

I would like to find out how many of you use Bloomnet and would like to see a flowerSoft interface with it.

This interface will not be free.  800-Flowers charges each member that uses the interface $25/month (forever) plus there is the cost of developing the interface, which would be split between those who want the interface, so it would depend on how many of you want and are willing to pay for that interface.

The cost to develop this interface is yet to be determined, but I estimate it will cost you  between $295 and $495 depending on how many of you want it.
So for now figure it will cost you $495 plus the $25/month to 800-Flowers.

The interface would only be to send and receive orders and delivery confirmations, just like the interfaces with FTD and Teleflora.  If 800-Flowers requires an interface that totally replaces their program, in other words handle price changes, cancellations, forwarding, general messages, etc.; the cost would be much higher and I don’t think I’d be willing to take on the additional responsibility.

But for now, I just want to know how many of you use Bloomnet and if you do, would you be willing to pay for the cost of developing the interface in addition to the $25/month you will have to pay 800-Flowers.  So please take a moment of your time and answer the poll below.



New Feature – Delivery Confirmation E-Mail with Social Media Links

 New Feature
Delivery Confirmations with Social Media Links

Your delivery confirmations will now be able to include up to 5 different social media links for your customers to rate your services.

This is what the new confirmation e-mail will look like:


You will be able to select the text that goes above and below the links.


You will also be able to select your own hours of operation by entering them in the shop information screen.


Comments welcomed.



Tip #185 (Revised)

Tip #185(Revised)

After installing the new spell-checker option at several locations, I’ve discovered that in some computers invoking the spell-checker automatically when entering the card message fields, causes some computers to freeze.
Therefore, I’ve had to change this new feature because I cannot have it working in some systems and not others.
So, until I’m able to figure out why some computer freeze and some don’t, this new way will work on any computer.  This is how…

As soon as you enter a card message field, flowerSoft will display a popup message at the top of the screen, like this…


When you hit the combination keystroke Ctrl + S which you should all know by now means “Hold down the Ctrl key and tap the S key” will either activate or deactivate the spell-checker (Tinyspell).  This can be done using just 2 fingers from your left hand.

When the spell-checker detects a misspelled word, it will “beep” and display the word on a little popup box.  Like this…


The length of time the popup box remains visible is configurable.  I have mine set at 10 seconds which should give you ample time to click on it and display the list of suggestions.

Clicking on one of the suggestions, will replace the misspelled word with the suggestion selected.


One little quirk you will have to get used to is that when you select the word from the suggestion list, Tinyspell will replace the misspelled word only if you are on the same line.  Otherwise it will just insert the word in the line you are on.

When you leave the card message field, you will have to hit Ctrl + S to deactivate the spell-checker program.  You can leave it on if you want, as long as you understand that it will beep every time it thinks you’ve misspelled something.
I realize that this is not as convenient as the original method where the spell-checker would be automatically activated when entering the card message fields and deactivated when leaving those fields, but technical difficulties have required the change.

If you do not have Tinyspell installed in your computers, download the application (it’s free) from and install it in every computer that uses flowerSoft.

I’m disappointed that I had to eliminate the automatic activation and deactivation of the spell-checker but it had to be done so that every one can use it.

By the way, flowerSoft own spell-checker is still active.  If you want to deactivated it, go to the “Defaults” option in the Manager’s menu and changed the setting there from “Yes” to “No.”

That’s all folks.

Tip #186 – Help Eliminate Below Average Orders

Tip #186
Help Eliminate Below Average Orders

As floral industry experts such as Tim Huckabee of Floral Strategies and Dan McManus of Team Floral advocate in their training sessions, you and your employees should always try to get your customers to spend more than what they normally spend; but do it in such a way that is not offensive and does not make you look like you are always pushing higher priced items.

But, how do you know how much your customer normally spends on flowers?
Well, flowerSoft has a couple of tools to help you with that.

If the customer is a returning customer, flowerSoft will know how much the customer spends on average for the product (not including delivery, sales tax or other charges) and will display that on the screen during order entry.

I’ve improved that old feature by letting you and your employees know if the order being entered is below what the customer normally spends.


flowerSoft will display this message while in the product entry screen and then again just before the method of payment screen.


Of course, this only works when the customer has a purchase history with you.  The first time a customer calls your shop you’ll have to rely on Tim’s and Dan’s teachings or your own experience to determine how much the customer is willing to spend.

Another flowerSoft tool you can use to increase sales is by the use of “price points”.
The “price points” feature was explained on Tip #140

flowerSoft does offer one more tool to help increase the total of the order by the use of “upsells”.


How to activate the “upsells” feature and details on how to use it have been posted before.  Take a look at these old posts…

Tip #095

and Tip #128

and Tip #061






Tip #185- Improved Spell Checker

Tip #185
Improved Spell-Checker

If you have ever used the spell-checker in flowerSoft, you know that there is room for improvement there.  It was written many years ago and it has never been improved.
Well, I think the improvement has arrived.
Here is how the spell-checker will work from now on…spc01

You will notice a small icon on the right-hand side of your task-bar.
A red “x” on the icon indicates that the check-speller is not turned on.

As you enter the card message area’s first line, the sentiment line, the spell-checker will still be off.  That is because you are likely to use a card message code on this line and the spell-checker will most likely think is a misspelled word.spc03

However, as soon as you enter the second line of the card, the spell-checker will be turned on, as indicated by the check-mark on the icon.
As you type the card message, the spell-checker is looking at every word you type.  If it detects a misspelled word, it will beep to alert you and the icon will turn yellow.spc04

You can then correct the spelling of the word if it was just a typo or if you are not sure of the spelling, you can click on the icon and a list of suggestions will be displayed.spc04 spc09

Clicking on the correct suggestion, will replace the misspelled word on the card message.spc05

As you keep typing, the spell checker continues to check you spelling…spc07

As soon as you leave the card message area and enter the occasion field, the spell-checker will be turned off.spc08

If you should find the need to turn the spell-checker on and off manually, you can do so by hitting ctrl + s at any time.



Tip #184 – “New User” Mode

Tip #184
“New User” Mode

flowerSoft now has a “new user” mode in order entry that can be activated and de-activated by pushing a key.

If you have a new employee trying to learn the intricacies of flowerSoft or if you are a new flowerSoft shop, you might find this new feature useful.  If you are an experienced user, you  might find it a bit distracting and not care for it.
Once your new employee is familiar with flowerSoft, he or she can just turn the “new user” mode off.

The “new user” mode displays more in-depth information of what flowerSoft is expecting you to do at each filed you enter and what options (not all, just the most popular) are available from each field.  Here are some screen shots of what it looks like…

NU01 NU02 NU03 NU04 NU05 NU06 NU07 NU08 NU09 NU10

You can access the “new user” mode from any computer running flowerSoft by simply pressing “N” from the New Orders menu.


and you can turn it off by pressing “N” again…


You can also turned the “New User” mode on and off by pressing the F3 key and then pressing “N”