Tip #177 – Temp. Drivers

Tip #177
Temporary Drivers
A lot of you hire temp drivers with their own vehicles to do deliveries during Valentine’s week.  A lot of you also pay those drivers based on a fee per individual delivery, either as a set amount or as a percentage of the delivery charge.
This post will show you how to set up those drivers in the Employee file so that flowerSoft can keep track of  their deliveries.
First, enter the temp driver into the employee file as if they were a new permanent employee.
You have to give them a login name even if they are not going to be logging into the system.
Make sure you enter an “N” in the Manager’s status field.  You do not need to enter anything else on this screen if you do not want to.  Hit <Page Down> to access the pay information screen.
Select one of the 2 methods available to pay the driver.
The first one is a set amount per delivery, while the other one is a percentage of the delivery charge on the order.
At this point, you can hit F9 to save the record.  No other information needs to be entered.

To calculate how much you should pay the driver after he or she has made the deliveries, you have to make sure you have entered the driver’s initials into each order they have delivered.
You can enter the driver’s initials into an order several ways.  The easiest way is by requesting route & delivery sheets.  This logs the driver’s initials into the orders automatically.
If you do not use route & receipt forms then you have to enter the driver’s initials into the order by pressing “D” while in Edit/View orders.
Please note that if the designer’s initials are not recorded, flowerSoft will first ask you to enter the designer’s initials.

To calculate how much you owe each temp. driver, go to the Employee operations of the Manager’s menu and select the “Commissioned Agents” option.
From there, select the “Print Driver Commissions Report” option.
Then select the time period and initials for driver desired…
and you will get a report similar to this one…
Each temp. driver’s earnings report prints on a separate page, so you can give to driver for his records.

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