Tip #175 – The PrePaid Method of Payment

  Tip #175
The Prepaid Method of Payment
There are occasions when you need to enter an order into the computer that has been paid through some method outside of flowerSoft, usually (but not limited to)  a credit card .  You do not want to charge the customer’s credit card again but you need to enter the order into flowerSoft, especially if you want to keep your records accurate.

The way to do this is through the PREPAID method of payment.
The PREPAID method of payment behaves just like a credit card payment in that it pays the order in full but, does not attempt to get an approval from Merchant Warehouse.
It will also give you an opportunity to enter the approval and token numbers, if they are available to you.
Here is how it works…

This may actually happen pretty often during holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day.
Let’s say the above was a walk-in sale made at your counter and you had no access to flowerSoft at the time.  You had to write the order on a piece of paper or manual ticket and needed to get an approval right way (lots of customers waiting in your store) so you had to resort to either your smart phone, VeriFone terminal on Genius device to get the approval.

So now either the mad rush Is over or you give the manual ticket to one of your employees who you’ve designated as the person to enter all manual tickets.  Great, he/she goes into flowerSoft and enters your manual ticket and gets to the point where he or she is going to need to enter a method of payment, just like on the screen-shot above.
Enter the PREPAID method of payment.
As you can see below, selecting this method of payment completely bypasses all other fields and goes directly to the “Ready to Save” field.
After you confirm you do not have any corrections to the order, flowerSoft will ask…
and if you answer “yes”…
and if you answer ‘yes’ to the above question, your approval and token numbers will be recorded, as you can see below.
So that is how you can take credit card payments when a flowerSoft terminal is not available at the time.

A similar function is also available from the A/R module.
Let’s say on Valentine’s Day a customer walks in the store when there are 30 other customers waiting to be helped and shows you his statement and wants to pay in now, with a credit card and there are not flowerSoft terminals available.
Same thing, record the payment amount on paper and get the credit card approval through some other device and then later on, enter the payment.

To enter a PREPAID method of payment in the A/R module you must enter PP in the payment reference field.  See below…
after you enter PP, hit the <Enter> key, just like you do when the method of payment is credit card and you enter CC or cash and you enter CA.  flowerSoft will automatically assign a control number to the transaction.
Enter the amount of the payment just like you normally do and then let flowerSoft take over…

I hope these tips help you cope with the madness coming your way.

Have a very busy Valentine’s Day!


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