Tip #173 – Viewing Existing Orders

It has come to my attention that some of you are viewing existing orders by using the “rescue” function in flowerSoft.  In other words, by pressing “R” from the New Orders menu and then highlighting the order they want to view and hitting “v” to view it.
Although an ingenious way to quickly access existing orders, you are not really looking at the actual order that exists in the sales file but at a copy of it that is kept in the rescue file.
In order to prevent this misuse of the “rescue” function, I’ve come up with a way to basically do the same thing but look at the actual invoice in the sales file.

Instead of hitting “R” to access the list of invoices in the rescue file, hit “V” to view the invoices in the sales file.
This option will only not only let you view the invoice selected but will also allow you to perform every action you are allowed to do when editing/viewing an invoice.


Hit “V” and the list of invoices will display…

newopt02Highlight the one you want to view and hit “V” to view it or…
Hit “I” to enter a specific invoice number you want to go to…newopt03then hit either “V” to just view the invoice or “E” to get all the functions you normally get from Edit or View Existing Orders option.
newopt05I think this new option will work better than using the “rescue” function to view existing invoices.

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