OK here is more information on pre-approval of credit cards.
The CC-PRE-AUTH method of payment will display (or not) based on a setting in the defaults file (see below).  If the delivery date is further than nn days from today’s date the CC-PRE-AUTH method of payment will display on the list of methods of payment.  If it is less than that number, it will not display on the list but can still be used by selecting #2 from the list (its shortcut number).  If you want the cc-pre-auth method of payment to display all the time, enter a zero (0) in the field.

This field will control only when the cc-pre-auth method of payment is displayed on the list, not when it can be used, which is at any time.
I’ve also provided a couple of easy ways the get authorizations on pre-authorized cards.The first one is by pressing the letter A at the New Orders menu prompt.ccpa07Pressing A from the New Orders menu will tell flowerSoft that you want to fully authorize a previously pre-authorized sale.  flowerSoft will then search your orders and find any orders with a CC-PRE-AUTH method of payment and display them for you to select which one is the one you want to get approval for.
ccpa08Highlight the desired order and then hit A again to start the authorization process.ccpa09Select the credit card number (it should already be there since you did a pre-authorization) to be used…ccpa10and you should have an approval for the balance of the invoice in a matter of seconds.ccpa11flowerSoft will then return you back to the list of orders that still need approval (notice that the one you just approved will not be there) in case you have others to process.ccpa13I think this is the most efficient way of getting approvals on orders that were pre-authorized but just in case I also added the option in a couple of other places.
From the “Other Functions” menu, you can select the credit card authorizations option…ccpa14and from there select the display list of unauthorized option…ccpa15It should give you the same or very similar list as before.  The only difference is that this option displays all unauthorized credit card sales, not just the pre-authorized.
Although the default is “Yes”, it is possible to answer “No” to the question below …ccpa17So the 1 – Display List of Unauthorized displays any credit card order that has not been authorized for the full amount (cc-pre-auth method of payment) and those where no attempt to authorize was made.  The list does not include declined authorizations, as an attempt was made to get those authorized.ccpa16As you can see from the screen shot above, invoice 55006 has no credit card information at all even though the method of payment is credit card.  This indicates that an approval was never attempted.
The other place where this function can be performed is from the Manager’s menu by following this path… M > C > 9 > C > 1ccpa28This option will give you the same results as the 1 – Display List of Unauthorized explained above.
If you think I may have missed something, please let me know asap.

As always comments are welcomed.

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