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Tip # 172 – Closing the Payroll Year

Tip #172
Closing the Payroll Year

Every new year I get calls from customers saying that flowerSoft is being “stubborn” and not letting them print the W-2 forms.

If you are one of those customers, remember that you must close the payroll year before flowerSoft will allow you to print the W-2s.

Perhaps the problem is that the option to close the payroll year is in the Periodic Procedures menu, so in order to avoid those calls next year, I have now added the option to close the year as a pre-requisite to the option to print W-2s and 1099s.





Please note that W-2 forms change almost every year and the form flowerSoft is set up to print may not match the current form exactly.  Printing the report above will allow you to either type or write the W-2s manually.

New Financial Report

New Financial Report
How Much Money Came In On…

Some of you have asked for a financial report that would show how much money was received during a particular date or range of dates.  So here it is…

Follow this path: M > R > F > (password) > R > 5


Select the time period or date desired…


and run the report.  Answer whether you want the summary or detailed version of the report.


This is the detailed report….



This is the summary report…



This report differs from the other revenue reports in that it does not include any sales with an ON ACCOUNT method of payment but it includes any payments on account received during the period selected.  Payments on account are indicated by a “Y” in the POA column of the detailed report.

This report will give you a truer picture of the money that came into the store each day.

All comments welcomed.