I’ve run out of ideas on how to improve flowerSoft so please, unless you think flowerSoft is perfect as it is, send me a suggestion on how to implement something you feel flowerSoft lacks and I’ll try to incorporate.

Otherwise, I’ll spend my time updating the manual.

2 thoughts on “Suggestions

  1. Hi George,
    Could you include ROA payments on the sales register print out. Then it would be like a report of all funds received by day. If not a listing of all of them, maybe just a total for all for that day that could be tied to the A/R report that we get now.

    Thanks, Dick


    1. The sales register includes ON ACCOUNT sales. I cannot show ON ACCOUNT payments unless I remove the ON ACCOUNT sales.
      Maybe you should be looking at the Activity Snapshot instead?
      There is also a payments received report that may be what you are looking for.


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