New Feature Revised

flowerSoft Silver 2014 has a new feature that lets you add item codes on the fly.  In other words, from the new orders entry screen.
Some of you did not like that new option or at least the additional question that it required.  I’ve modified the program to make this an option that you, as the manager, can turn on or off.

The new version used to work like this…


If you did not entered the item code exactly as it was in the database, flowerSoft would ask you if it was a new item code, with the default answer being “N” for no.

If you answered “Y”es, flowerSoft will let you continue addition the description and unit price for the item.


Then it would save the new item code so the next time you went into the item code field, the new ite just added would be available.


Since some of you did not like this new option, I’ve made it a choice in the control file…


If you have this option as “No”, do not allow adding of item codes on the fly, flowerSoft will behave as it used to on version 2013 and that is by selecting the item code that was highlighted just before you hit you hit Enter, which on the first screen-shot would have been the ARB item code.

If you select to have this option as “Yes”, flowerSoft will allow you to add new item codes on the fly as shown on the screen-shots above.

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