Identical Credit Card Transactions (Cont.)

Identical Credit Card Transactions (Cont.)

Here are a couple of report that you should run every day to make sure you are getting credit for all your credit card purchases.

As usual, these reports are found in the Manager’s menu.  Follow this path M > R > A > C > E





The total of this report is what should have been deposited to your account on 12/19/2013.

If it is not, some deduction for a duplicate transaction must have taken place.

This report can be run for any date period but I recommend running it for one day at a time to make it easier for you to check.

This report should be used in conjunction with the Identical Credit Card Transactions report posted previously.

You can get the report above by following this path: M > T > 2

Here it is again…


Hope this helps.

13 thoughts on “Identical Credit Card Transactions (Cont.)

  1. George, I just ran this report and it agrees with yesterday credit card business (amount sent to bank) exactly. Thanks!! This will help alot. Dick


  2. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to confirm the amount unless you’re checking with your bank (on-line or at the end of the month.) I thought we were fine because I was checking the email MW sends to confirm the batch amount. Those amounts did match but duplicate credit card transactions (not debit) were deducted with no explanation from the amount deposited to our bank account.


  3. It was a bit time consuming, but I was able to pull up each transaction from the MW portal history and repeat a sale on the card. Only one order, of several, declined. Of course it was more time consuming to email/snail mail the customers to let them know about the problem and solution. Have you heard if MW is working on a fix and when we should expect it?


    1. Yes, but did you check the batch total to what was deposited in your bank account?
      The show as approved in the portal but the money may have been removed from your account the following day.

      Dick, can you elaborate on this?


      1. George and Cris, We have seen both ways. Sometimes the credit happens the same day and the amount put in our account differs from the amount MW shows as going to our bank differs by the amount of the “duplicate sales”. At least one other time the credit appeared a day or two later. And we know the credit was for “duplicate sales” because we have talked to the customer. Customer said she was only charged for 2 sales when there were 16 separate sales. We just recouped $2,100.00 on this transaction.
        George is so right about comparing the amount MW says they are putting in your bank, versus the actual amount of the deposit in your bank. By the way MW customer support will tell you which charges were not put in your bank (or credited later) so you can determine which sales you didn’t get credit for.
        The last 4 or 5 days deposits have been the correct amount, so they may have fixed the problem, we’ll see!! Dick Lindskoog


        1. Thank you, Richard.
          Your comment will help others determine whether they have gotten credit for all credit card transaction due to them.
          You should not see any more duplicate transactions on your system because I’ve implemented (although reluctantly) the solution of deducting 1 penny from duplicate transactions before the approval is obtained in your system.
          However, I have done this only in your system and not everyone else’s yet.
          So, unless they have fixed the problem in the past couple of days, I would venture to guess that you have not gotten credit for at least one of the duplicate transactions.
          Cris, you are probably the best one to determine if they have fixed the problem or not, since the 1 penny deduction is not implemented in your system yet.
          I also want to point out that Richard recovered $2,100 in just one set of identical transactions. He has had many more and I’m sure he will recover in excess of $5,000 but it does take some work on your part.
          Perhaps the best approach is to generate the duplicate transaction report and then check with your customer to see if they have gotten charged for all the transactions they’ve made.
          Or, just charge again (using the method I’ll post later) for all the duplicate transactions each customer has made during the same day except for the first one and then inform the customer that they may see a charge for a purchase they made over 30 days ago.
          If it turns out that they did pay for it, you can always do a refund and update on the order and just changed the method of payment to prepaid (or paypal if you do not see the prepaid one), that way your sales figures and tax liability will not change.


  4. OK, I worked out a fix that does not involve you re-entering the order.
    You just simply clear the approval and token numbers and the re-approve the same order.
    It should be fine then as you are doing it on a different date.
    I don’t know if MW and First Data have worked out a solution. Lindskoog reports that his totals have been correct and he has had duplicate transactions.
    I’ve added a fix to flowerSoft that when a duplicate credit card transaction is detected, a penny will be deducted from the order being approved.
    I used this many years ago when I had the same problem with ICVerify but with Merchant Warehouse it was supposed to be OK to have duplicate transactions.


    1. The method to re-charge a previously approved credit card transaction is this:
      (Note that this solution may have not been implemented in your systems as yet. If you need to use it and want to to install it in your system asap, please let me know)
      1. Clear the existing approval and token numbers from the order by pressing the underscore key, confirming that you want to clear the approval and token numbers and then supplying the supervisor’s password.
      2. Press “A” and select option #5 to get an approval for the order.

      That is all there is to it. The credit card should be on file and you should not have to supply it again.


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