Identical Credit Card Transactions

Identical Credit Card Transactions

OK folks, the problem is real and it has definitely affected you.

The problem is not with Merchant Warehouse’s program but with First Data, the clearing house.  They are seeing those identical transactions as duplicates and not paying you for them.

How?  They are deducting the money from what they consider to be duplicate transactions from the next day’s money they deposit in your bank, so it might be hard to see if you do not check that deposit every day.

I don’t know when this problem will be fixed, but until it is you should check your batch deposit every day.

To get paid for the transactions they did not credit you for, you have to go the your Merchant Warehouse Portal and create “Forced Sales” for each of the transactions you did not get paid for.


The problem here is getting the credit card number from Merchant Warehouse if you cannot get it from the customer.  Merchant Warehouse will not give you the credit card number unless you have the approval number.  The problem is that approval numbers go away after 30 days, so if they do not have the approval number they cannot help you.  That is why it is imperative that you check these deposits every day.

You should print the report of identical credit card transactions and call Merchant Warehouse with the information provided in the report so that they can provide you with the credit card number used if at all possible.

Otherwise your only other recourse is to call the customer and try to get the information from them and then enter a new order for the same amount.

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