Duplicate Credit Card Transactions Report

Duplicate Credit Card Transactions Report

OK, here it is.

Go to the Manager’s menu and access the Troubleshooting option.

Select option #2 – Find Identical  Cred. Card Sales


flowerSoft will tell you how many duplicate credit card sales it has found.


Print the report.


Please note that the earliest possible date is February 28th, 2013 as that is when we first put the Merchant Warehouse interface into production.
You will be able to change that first date in case you run that report at the end of each month and don’t want to include transactions previously checked.

Only orders with a “credit card” method of payment are checked.
Transactions without a token number are not checked as you may have gotten an approval before switching to Merchant Warehouse.
Multiple orders are also not checked since you should have gotten one approval at the end of all the multiple order entry.
Voided orders as well as orders without an account number or name are not checked.

Also be aware that you may have gotten paid for all the transactions.  At this point we don’t know if it is happening to everyone or only one flowerSoft customer, but you should check to make sure you have gotten paid.
More than likely, you would have gotten paid for at the first of the duplicate transactions, it is the second, third or fourth you may not have gotten paid for.
The report provides you with the approval and the token numbers so that you can check your records with Merchant Warehouse.
The token number is a unique number provided by Merchant Warehouse and it is never duplicated.
You should use this number to check with Merchant Warehouse to see if you have gotten paid.




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