Tips #022 through #030

Tip #022
Finance/Re-Billing Charges

At least once a month I get a call from some flowerSoft user complaining that not all the accounts that should have gotten a statement got one.

The reason almost always is that they either forgot to run the “Calculate Finance Changes” option or they thought they did not have to because they do not charge their customers a finance charge.

You MUST run the “Calc. Finance/Re-Billing Charges” option found in the Pre-Statement Account Maintenance menu even if you do not charge finance or re-billing charges.

If you fail to do this, accounts that owe you money from a previous month that had no transactions for the current month WILL NOT receive a statement!


Tip #023
Finance/Rebilling Charges

I’m sure you all know the difference between a finance charge and a re-billing charge, but just in case…
A finance charge applies a percentage to the outstanding amount of an invoice if over 30 days past the delivery date.
A re-billing charge applies a pre-set charge to the account if it has balances over 30 days old.

In other words, a re-billing charge is always the same whether the customer owes $10 or $1000. A finance charge would be different for both accounts in that case.

A finance charge usually produces more revenue than a re-billing charge if the outstanding balance is large, but the re-billing charge produces more revenue if the outstanding balances are generally small.

However, maybe most of you did not know that you can have the best of both worlds.

You can have a finance charge associated with a minimum charge. So, for example, if the finance charge for an account is calculated at $1.25 for the month, you can tell flowerSoft to make the minimum finance charge $5.00.

In that scenario, no finance charge would be less than $5.00 but it certainly can be well over $5.00 for accounts that have large outstanding balances.

Like I said, the best of both worlds.
Tip #024
Occasion Reminders

If you are not using them, start.

If you plan to start using Occasion Reminders or if you are currently using them, make sure the occasion field is filled properly.

flowerSoft will only send reminders to customers who had BIRTHDAY, ANNIVERSARY or HOLIDAY orders. If the occasion field does not have one of those 3 occasions, the order will not be picked!

Tip #025
Not used


Tip #026
Address Verification

Did you know flowerSoft can do address verifications?
When you get to the Phone field of the recipient information, press the F4 key and then A for address verification.


Tip #027
Google Maps

From the same location (recipient’s phone # field) you can press F4 and then G for the Google Map with directions to the recipient’s address.

Tip #028
Minimum Order Amounts

I’m almost sure this is a flowerSoft feature that most of you do not use and yet can be so useful when taking an outgoing order.

When you have a customer that wants to send a dozen roses to someone in New York City but does not want to spend more than $50, what do you do?
What do you tell them?
More than likely you will tell them that you cannot send a dozen roses to someone in NYC for that amount of money, and you’d be right.

But what if they ask, “What is the least amount I can spend?”
What do you do then? Take a guess and say $75?
Well, flowerSoft gives you an easy way to find out is the minimum amount you can spend to send a dozen roses to NYC or anywhere else.

Here is how:
1. From the New Orders Menu, select #3, Outgoing Order

2. As soon as flowerSoft puts you in the “Source” field, press F10

3. flowerSoft will then ask you to enter the Recipient’s City and then the Recipient’s State.

4. flowerSoft will then display the minimum amounts found for the different categories, such as Arrangements, Balloons, Blooming Plants, Candy, Fresh Fruit, Roses, Dried/Silks and Food Baskets. Each one will have the minimum amount found for either en FTD or Teleflora florist.

5. You can then select one of the categories and press “V” to view a detailed list of 10 florists offering the lowest amounts.

6. If you choose to, you can select the number in from of one of the 10 florists displayed and flowerSoft will automatically select it as the filling florist if the customer wants to then place the order.

Note: Some of you with the latest version of flowerSoft, will also be able to do this from the “Quick Find” menu, which is accessed by pressing “Q” from the New Orders menu.


Tip #029
Foreign Characters

Did you know that flowerSoft allows you to enter foreign characters line ú or ñ into a card? flowerSoft has always allowed this if you have your system set to card format #2 but you had to know the combination keystrokes to enter.
A new feature in flowerSoft now allows you to enter up to 18 different characters by simply pressing Shift + Tab from the card message lines.

 Foreign Characters


Tip #030
Occasion Reminders and the Occasion Field

We all know that flowerSoft automatically keeps track of customer occasions so that you can send occasion reminders the following year. You should also know that flowerSoft does this based on what you enter on the “Occasion” field. So it is very important to enter the correct occasion for the order.

flowerSoft will enter the correct occasion for you if you use one of the card sentiment codes. For example, if you enter HB for Happy Birthday! flowerSoft will automatically make the occasion “BIRTHDAY”. If you enter HA for Happy Anniversary, the occasion will automatically become “ANNIVERSARY”. If you enter HNY for Happy New Year, the occasion will become “HOLIDAY”.

However, if you do not use a sentiment code, flowerSoft will default to “NONE” unless you manually select another one from the list of occasions displayed.

If the occasion field has something other than “BIRTHDAY”, “ANNIVERSARY” or “HOLIDAY”, flowerSoft will not select the order for inclusion into the occasion reminder letters, postcards or email to be sent.

So, if you use the occasion reminders feature, and you most definitely should, then make sure you and your employees use the correct occasion for the order.

This brings us to our next tip

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