Tips #001 through #010 (Updated)

Tip #001
Getting the Recipient Info First
You can take the recipient’s information before anything else by pressing F3 from the “Source” field.

Tip #002
Sympathy and Get Well Orders

On sympathy and get well orders, enter the name of the recipient on the first line (“Deliver To” field) and the hospital, funeral home or cemetery on the second line.
This will also allow you to access and make use of the Funeral Homes/Cemeteries/Hospital database by pressing F6 from the “Address 1” field.

Tip #003
The Obituary Function

It pays to use the Obituary function in flowerSoft.
Scanning the obituaries in your local paper and entering the information for the relevant ones into flowerSoft, will speed up your order-taking process and make you look helpful and efficient in the eyes of your customers.

You can access the obituary function from the Manager’s menu > Utilities > Obituaries > Add New Obituaries or if you are entering a new order…
you can hit F4 from the “Source” field,

Once you add the obituaries for the day, you can access them from the “Deliver To” menu by entering “O” and hitting <Enter>. flowerSoft will then display a list showing the deceased’s name, the name of the funeral home, the viewing start and end dates. You can also display a more detailed view by highlighting an entry and pressing the letter “V”. Try it, you’ll like it.

Tip #004
Account Aliases

Everyone has certain accounts that order very often. An easy way to save time during order entry is to give those accounts an “alias”. An alias is a shortcut to a customer’s account. An alias can be up to 10 characters in length and it must be unique. In other words, it cannot be duplicated.

An account can have many aliases, as long as those aliases are unique. In other words, one of your employees can give my account with you an alias of “georges” while another one of your employees can give my account an alias of “simong”. Both these aliases, when entered in the account number or account name field will bring up the same account. There is no limit as to how many aliases an account can have or how many aliases the system can hold. The only restriction, as mentioned before, is that the alias must be unique.

Aliases can only be used in order entry and A/R payment entry.

Tip #005
Suspending a Payment

Did you know that you can suspend an a/r payment the same way you suspend an order?
If while entering a payment, you cannot complete the entry until certain information is provided, simply hit the Esc key and then hit “s” to suspend the payment.
You’ll be able to recall the suspended payment later on by hitting <Home> from the account # field.

Tip #006
Occasion Reminders

Use the occasion reminders feature in flowerSoft and watch your sales grow.
If you have been using flowerSoft for at least 1 year, the occasion reminders feature is something you should be using every month.
You can either send reminders via US Mail or e-mail.

Tip #007
Changing an Account Number

This tip comes as a result of a question I just got asked by a flowerSoft user.

I am having some issues with accounts #’s, when entering orders, O>N>1, and using the phone #, on this particular account, if I enter a 402 first, FS will recognize it as belonging to a different account number, even though it is the same customer. If I use 4024887638 first, FS will bring up a pop up window, telling me I should use 4887638 instead. When I go to their account profile, their account number is without their 402 #, but on their phone # it shows the 402. I did update their account, but FS won’t change it to reflect this change, so when taking orders, I cannot use the 402.
I don’t know how to fix that, maybe you can take a look!


My answer:

flowerSoft will not change the account number unless it sees a change in the existing phone number or an additional phone number in the customer’s profile.

Go to the customer’s profile, update it and enter another phone number (perhaps the one without the area code) in one of the empty phone number fields.

This will force flowerSoft to ask which phone number you want to use as the account number. You can then select the phone number with the area code. After you save the changes, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to update all existing related records. Answer “Y”es. That should solve your problem.

Tip #008

Duplicate Accounts

Sometimes, an account for the same customer gets duplicated because the customer gave you a different phone number that the one that was on file.
When you realize that you have the same customer entered twice in the system, flowerSoft can help you combine the 2 accounts with very little effort on your part.

To combine 2 accounts into one, go to the Manager’s menu and access the Client Operations option and from there; select the Combine Two Accounts option.

Enter the two account numbers in question into each of the 2 account number fields.

flowerSoft will then display the information it has for each account.

Then, enter an “X” into the panel containing the account number you want to assimilate into the remaining account. flowerSoft will ask for confirmation and then combine the two accounts into one. That is all there is to it.

Tip #009
Automatic Discounts

Most florists have some accounts the extend discounts to on every local order they place. although flowerSoft allows you to apply a discount to each order manually, there is a simpler way to do this for accounts you always give discounts to, as long as the discount % is always the same.

Let’s say, for example, that you provide a 30% discount to a gift shop in a hospital when the place orders with you. They place an order for a $100 arrangement and you give them a $30 discount on the order.

I’ve seen florist trying to remind themselves and their staff to do this by adding a note to the customer’s profile. The note will automatically come up during the order-taking process but you will still need to apply the discount manually.

Here is the simpler way.

Go to the Manager’s menu and access the Customer Operations option. Bring up the customer’s profile and press the percent sign (% – Shift 5).
flowerSoft will then display a little box asking for the percent number. In the example above, you would enter 30 into the box.

From that point on, flowerSoft will apply a 30% discount to the customer’s local orders. Please note that the discount is only applied to the product amount.
If you ever need to change the discount percent, just go back to the customer’s profile and press the percent key again and change the number.

Please note that this applies to local orders only. Discounts to outgoing and incoming orders must be applied manually.

Tip #010
Adjusting the order total

Have you ever had a cash and carry customer go into the store, pick out a ready-made arrangement, go to pay for it and when you finish entering the order into flowerSoft and tell him or her that the total will be $51.38 they tell you “Oh, but I only have $50 with me.

You have some options at this point, like telling the customer “Sorry, you have to come up with the extra $1.38 if you want it” or you can ask for a credit card, if he or she has one that isn’t maxed out or try to figure out how much you have to reduce the order by in order to come up to $50 or…

You can say OK, take the $50 and tell flowerSoft to adjust the total of the order to $50 instead of $51.38.

How do you do this you ask?

Simple. From the “Tax Rate” field or from the “Ready to Save Order” field, you can press the F6 key and tell flowerSoft how much the total of the order should be, including delivery, relay and sales tax.

flowerSoft will then adjust the product amount to make the total come up to the amount requested.

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