Tip #170 – Reversing the reversal

Tip #170
Reversing the Reversal

It is now possible to reverse an erroneous reversal of a credit card order.

In other words, if you reverse the incorrect invoice by mistake, it is now possible to reverse the reversal.
This was not possible with previous versions of flowerSoft.

To reverse the effects of an erroneously reversed invoice, go to that invoice a hit R again.  flowerSoft will tell you that you are trying to reverse a reversal and ask you for confirmation.


After you confirm that this is what you want to do, flowerSoft will still want another confirmation…


After you confirm that you know what you are doing, flowerSoft will create a new invoice which reverses the previously reversed order.


Notice that the original order was 53345.  That order was reversed by 53346 and that reversal was reversed by 53347.

Also note that 53347 can itself be reversed as it is now just a normal invoice.

Please also note that although it may work with other methods of payment, it is only meant to be used on credit card orders reversed in error.

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