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Tip #168 – Displaying the Customer

Tip #168
Displaying the Customer

I just received an e-mail from an experienced flowerSoft user asking:

Would it be possible to see the account number or name of the customer when viewing an order after the fact?
Maybe I’m missing an option to see the customer? In most cases you can’t tell from the card message.”

This made me realize that the option to do this was not documented at all and if anyone had found out how to do it, would have been by accident.

When you are in Edit/View orders, you are looking at a screen like this…


This screen does not show you any information about the customer but…
Notice option that reads “C – Card Options”?
Selecting that option, which is meant to be used when you want to edit or print the enclosure card…


happens to also show you the customer’s info.
So the next time you need to know who placed the order, think of pressing “C” for “Customer”.