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Tip #167 – Improvements to Obits Feature (Revised)

Tip #167
Improvements to Obits Feature

In order to make the obits feature easier to get to and use, I’ve made the following improvements to it:

  • You can now access the Obits Menu from the “source” field of an order.


  • The Obituaries menu has a new option


This new option allows you to view obituary records from all over the US and Canada by simply typing the deceased’s first and last names.


The web site will then scan all the obituaries for that name during the past 3 days and display a list of names for you to select from.

Once you select a name from the list, all the pertinent information for the deceased will be displayed,  See example below…


I’ve also made this new feature available when entering a new obit.  See below.

  1. Access the Obituaries menu from the source field by pressing F4
  2. Once in the Obituaries menu, select option A – Add New Obituaries
  3. Enter the first and last name of the deceased.  Only the first and last name and in that order.  In other words, no Mr. John Smith or Smith, John.  Just the first and last name with no punctuation and then press the F4 key.


The same list as shown above with all the John Smith deceased during the last 3 days will be displayed, but this saves you having to enter the first and last names separately and clicking on the search button.  I thought about restricting the search to your state only, but we do have shops that deliver to neighboring states and that would prevent you from seeing any of the deceased names in other states.  It also would disable the feature for outgoing orders, so I’ve decided to display all the names and let you pick.  I only got 3 hits with John Smith, so I suspect the lists will not be very long.

Another thing you can do once you’ve selected the name you want, is to copy (as in copy and paste) a portion of the obit and then paste it into the obit record as reference.
For example,


You can (using your mouse) highlight the obit information you can use and then right-click and select “Copy”
This will copy what you’ve highlighted into the Windows clipboard.
You can then exit the obit web page.  This will put you back into flowerSoft’s obit record at the top of the screen.  This is called the “paste” field.
At that point you can use your mouse again to right-click and click on “Paste”.  Whatever you copied from the obit web page will now be displayed in this “paste” field (up to 479 characters) allowing you to refer to it to complete the obit entry.


Now using some of the information pasted you can complete some of the remaining fields.


Once the record is saved, the pasted information will no longer be visible from Edit/View Obits.


As usual any suggestions for improvement are welcomed.