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Tip #166 – Improvement to City Minimums Feature

Tip #166
Improvement to City Minimums Feature

It used to be that you could only look at city minimums when you were selecting the filling florist.

You can now view city minimums from the “Source” filed by pressing the F10 key.


Although the screen shot above reads “On Outgoing Orders…”, the feature is also available if you did not select option #3 to go into the order.

Upon pressing F10, flowerSoft will ask you for the recipient’s city and state…


After you enter that information, flowerSoft will display a list for the different product categories and their minimum amounts…


Highlight the product category and wire service you want to view the details for that selection…


If you press the number in front of the florist shown after it, flowerSoft will make that florist the filling florist selection for the order.
Make sure you are viewing florist for the correct wire service.  In other words, if you are going to send the order via Teleflora, do not select a florist from the FTD list.



If you select a florist using this option and the order is not already marked as an outgoing order, flowerSoft will make it one.