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Tip #165 – Printing the Detail Lines of a “Long” Invoice

Tip #165
Printing the Detail Lines of a “Long” Invoice

As most of you know, flowerSoft only allows you to enter 5 line items on a regular invoice.


This is sufficient for at least 90% of all the orders you take and it fits nicely on the invoice forms.

However,  sometimes you have more than 5 line items to enter and you need more room.
For those occasions, flowerSoft allows you to hit the F9 key and go into a “long” invoice.


This type of invoice allows you to enter up to 9,999 line items and also allows you to give discounts on the total invoice amount or on each individual line.
To find out more about this type of invoice and the different type of discounts available, please see Tip #055 or click here http://wp.me/p24nOe-8x

Because of the amount of line items you can have on this type of invoice, the detail lines print on a separate piece of paper or more than one if necessary.

This post is meant to tell you how to print just the invoice detail lines, without having to print the invoice form itself.

When you first enter a “long” invoice, both the invoice form and the detail lines will print.  You can opt to not print the detail lines or the invoice form but normally, both of them print.

After the initial entry, however, you can print just the detail line by accessing the information one of two ways.


The first way is by bringing up the invoice in Edit/View and pressing the letter “I”.

When you press “I” flowerSoft will display a popup with your available options…


When you are looking at a “long” invoice, one of your options will be to hit “D” to print the detail of the invoice only, without printing the regular invoice.

The other option is to hit “L” to view the “long” invoice…


Once the line items display, you have the option to hit “P” to print them.