Daily Archives: November 7, 2013

Tip #162 – Improvements to Obits Feature

Tip #162
Improvement to
Obits Feature

This improvement comes to you as a result of a suggestion by Jaque Halverson of Brainerd Floral in beautiful Brainerd, Minnesota.

The obits feature is a great feature to use if you have the time to enter the obituaries for each day.  This, of course, would be very time-consuming if you are in a big city, but if you are in a smaller town you should use it.

To learn about the obits feature, take a look at Tip #003

Once obits have been entered, should you get an order for one of the entries in the obits file, flowerSoft will fill the recipient area with the obit information, as well as provide other visual information should you customer ask for it such as the starting time of the viewing, religion, etc., etc.

One thing flowerSoft did not do was fill the delivery date field.  The reason for that was that I did not think I could provide a fairly accurate date unless the order was  entered on the first or last day of the viewing.

However, Jaque’s suggestion made me realize that if the order is placed on or before the first viewing day, I could provide the delivery date by extracting the first viewing date from the obits file.  So now flowerSoft will be able to provide the delivery date when the order is entered on or before the first viewing day or on the last viewing day.   flowerSoft will not fill the delivery date field if the order is placed after the first viewing day and before the last viewing date, but in those cases you can just hit the <Enter> key from the field and get that day’s date.

So, thank you Jaque, for helping me improve flowerSoft.

Tip #161 – Updating Expired Credit Cards

Tip #161
Updating Expired Credit Cards

When a customer’s credit card becomes expired, flowerSoft will display it like this…


At this point you can either hit U to update the highlighted credit card or hit <Enter> to select it.
If you hit <Enter> to select the credit card, flowerSoft will inform you that the card is expired and to either hit U to updated or X to select a different card.


When you hut U to update the card, either after selecting it or before selecting it, flowerSoft will prompt you for the expiration date of the credit card.


Enter the expiration date using numbers only, no slashes.  So a card that expires in December of 2018 should be entered as 1218.


The next time the customer places an order, the credit card will have the correct expiration date.


Please be aware that after an approval obtained with a credit card in which you just updated the expiration date, flowerSoft will  ask you to verify the last 4 digits of the credit card with the customer.


This occurs because the bank does not return the credit card info and flowerSoft needs to make sure it has the correct last 4 digits of the credit card.