Tip #160 – Item Codes Database

Tip #160
Item Codes Database

Since we have been talking so much about item codes, I think I should include a tip on the item codes database.

The set name that the product was obtained from is show on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
This does not mean that you are looking at the description code set database.  You are looking at records in the item codes database.  In this case, the “Teleflora Products” set name just indicates the name of the set this item was added from.

Changes made on this screen will not affect the records in the item description code database.

This is what the item description code screen looks like.


Some of the available options are shown at the bottom of the screen, but other are not.  To view these additional options, hit the question (?) mark and flowerSoft will display the following screen.


Hitting any of the shown keys will take you to that function.
For example, to assign or change the department number for an item, you would hit “N”.  To view the recipe, if one is available, you would hit “R”, and so on.


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