flowerSoft Silver 2014 – New Features and Improvements – Recipes

Tip #159
View Recipes From Order Entry Item Codes Browse Screen

You can now view an item code’s recipe and image while browsing the item codes list in order entry.
The “Occasion” column, which was of limited use to most of you, has been replaced by a “Recipe” column.
If a recipe exists for an item, the word “Yes” will appear in the column.  Highlighting the item and hitting the asterisk (*) will bring up the recipe for that item.  If there is an image associated with that item, it can also be displayed.


This gives you and your staff the ability to tell the difference between two or three versions of a similar item by viewing its recipe.

For example, if your customer asks what is the difference between Teleflora’s Bee Well Bouquet and Bee Well Bouquet DX, you can bring up the recipe for T01J400A by highlighting it from the browse screen and hitting *.


You can then print the recipe for T01J400A to the screen…


and then highlight item code item code T01J400B and hit *.


Now you have both recipes on the screen at the same time, one as the printed recipe and the other as the recipe view, and you or a member of your staff can tell the customer what the difference is between the two items.


Of course this assumes that your monitor is large enough to display both images at the same time but if it isn’t, you can use the keystroke combination Alt + Tab to quickly cycle between the 2 images.

Just remember that you can only do this from the item description code list, which you access by hitting F6 from the item code field.


I hope you find this new feature useful.

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