flowerSoft Silver 2014 – New Features and Improvements – Teleflora Item Codes

Tip #157
Teleflora Item Codes

If you are a Teleflora member, you are in luck!

With the new length of the item codes field, it is now possible for flowerSoft users to enter the Teleflora item codes into an order.
Additionally, flowerSoft now gives you the option of importing over 2000 Teleflora codes into your item codes database.
Along with this, we can provide you with most if not all of the images for those items and some of the recipes too!

Here is an example:


If a recipe for the item is available, flowerSoft will allow you to look at it by pressing the <Home> key.


You can also view the image for the item from the recipe screen by pressing the letter “V”


The size of the image can be increased or decreased by pressing the plus (+) or minus keys (-)

You can also drag the image to any location on the screen.
So if the image is interfering with the viewing of the recipe items like the one shown above, you can drag it to a different location on the screen.

Comments and suggestions welcomed.

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