flowerSoft Silver 2014 – New Features and Improvements – Long Item Codes

Tip #155
Long Item Codes and
Adding New Item Codes on the Fly

flowerSoft Silver 2014 now gives you the ability to enter item codes up to 12 characters long.
This new item code length also gives you ability to scan items directly into the item code field.
This is a nice improvement for those of you who scan bar coded items into flowerSoft, as you will now longer see the popup asking you if you are scanning the item.

Additionally, flowerSoft Silver 2014 now lets you add new item codes on the fly, so instead of selecting the highlighted item based on your input up to the point you hit the <Enter> key, flowerSoft will now first ask you if the letters you typed before hitting the <Enter> key is a new item code.
However, if you just made a mistake, you can hit “X” at the prompt and the letters you typed will be erased.

See the screen shot below for a better understanding of this new concept.


As you type, flowerSoft highlights the closest item code match to the letters you have typed.
If you were to hit the <Enter> key at this point, flowerSoft would respond with…


because there is no code T05 and flowerSoft wants to know if this is a new code.

Notice the options flowerSoft gives you.

  1. You can answer “Y” and flowerSoft will let you enter a new item code T05.


2. You can answer “N” (or hit <Enter> since this is the default answer) and flowerSoft will then select the highlighted item T05J100C



3. You can hit “X” and flowerSoft will erase the T05 from the item code and let you start over.


Another option you have after you type a few letters on the item code field is to hit F6 and select items directly from the browse screen.

F6 will switch control to the browse screen and then you can use the arrow keys to scroll up or down the list, highlight the item you want and hit the <Enter> key to select it.  Hitting “X” while in the browse screen, will send control back to the item code field.



to erase a line completely enter zero (0) in the quantity field.
to quickly erase the contents of a field from the cursor position to the end of the field, hit <Ctrl> + <End>
to jump from the description field of any line to the first quantity field, hit the <Home> key.

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