flowerSoft Silver 2014 – New Features and Improvements-Team Floral’s Occasion First

flowerSoft Silver 2014 – New Features and Improvements
Tip #154
Occasion and Enclosure Card First

You will now have the option, through a setting in the Operating Defaults, of going to the order’s enclosure card right after you go through the “Source” field.  This is even before you go into the “Sold To” information area.

Proponents of this method, such as Team Floral, claim that by asking for the occasion and the card message first, you and your staff gain a better understanding of the customer’s mood and state of mind before you attempt to make any suggestions.

They suggest asking pointed questions about the occasion for which the customer is ordering.  Even if it is a funeral or other occasion where you already know the color or  flower scheme, it allows you to begin thinking about what is appropriate for the  situation and what you have available. For example, a birthday arrangement will  most likely require brightly colored flowers and container.

If you agree with that method of taking an order, all you is follow this path: M > S > D > 1. This puts you in the Operating Defaults, press U to update, navigate to page 4 and put a Y in the first option on that page…


The next time you take an order, as soon as go past the “Source” field, this screen will come up…


From here you can ask for the occasion and the enclosure card message before continuing the rest of the order-taking steps.

Note that there is no option to go into a “long” card, as that is the option displayed by default.  Therefore, if you use this method of order entry, you lose the ability to have more than 1 enclosure card if you use more than the first 4 lines.

You can give this method a try and if you do not like it, you can always go back to the normal method by changing the “Ask for Occasion Before Anything Else?” setting back to “N”

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