Beta Testers No Longer Needed

Need Beta Testers No More

We have successfully tested and deployed flowerSoft Silver 2014 at several shops with great success, so beta testers are no longer needed.

Thank you.
flowerSoft 2014 is just around the corner with some great new features and enhancements.
I need a few of you adventurous types to jump right into it and start using it and help me work out any kinks that might have crept in.

If you are game, let me know and I’ll set you up ASAP


  1. You must be already using flowerSoft Silver 2013-MW.
  2. You must be clearing your credit cards through Merchant Warehouse, as that is the only service we currently support.
  3. You must be willing to report all bugs found in writing via e-mail.
  4. You must be proficient in the use of flowerSoft.  In other words, you should have at least a year experience.

If you are willing to be a guinea pigs, here are some of the new features you will be testing:

  • Increased size of item description code field.  The item description code field will now be able to hold codes of to 12 characters.  This will enable you to copy long item codes used by some of the wire services like Teleflora.
  • New improved Wedding program.  There used to be 2 versions of the wedding program.  Now there is only one.  The new version allows you to keep track of the items needed for the wedding, allows the use of recipes, ability to display images of the items produced, ability to add notes on each and every field on the screen giving you almost unlimited room for remarks, gives you an easy way to convert a wedding proposal into a sale, plus several other enhancements.
  • Better way to enter a Quick Cash & Carry sale, with the option to track the customer without having to open an account for them.
  • Ability to enter delivery orders into flowerSoft without the need to open an account for the customer.
  • Option to enter enclosure card message before anything else, as recommended by Team Floral.
  • Lots of other improvements and new features

If you are interested in being a beta tester, let me know and I’ll set you up.

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