Tip #153 – Calculating Finance/Re-Billing Charges

Tip #153
Calculating Finance/Re-Billing Charges

A while ago, I added a feature to the calculation of finance/re-billing charges that would le you print a report of the charges before it actually calculated them.
This was done at the request of one flowerSoft customer that wanted to see which accounts would be imposed finance/re-billing charges in advance so that he would have some control over the operation.

This sounded like a good idea to me so I added this function with what I thought was a pretty clear explanation of the new process.  However, ever since that time I’ve been getting one or two calls every month saying that some accounts that owed money did not print on the statement run.  Invariably, or 99% of the time the reason is because the user either forgot to run the finance charge option


or, if they did select the option to run finance charges, they also selected to print the finance/re-billing charge report first, perhaps inadvertently, and never selected to run the finance charge option again.

So, since I’m also guilty of not reading instructions completely, let me try to explain it here a little more clearly perhaps.


Read what the prompt in blue letters says. It clearly states that if you select to print the finance charge report, finance charges will NOT be posted to the customer’s account.

It also says that once you’ve verified that the finance charges are correct you MUST run this option again and select NOT to print the report.

Also notice that the default answer to the “Print a Finance Charge Report First? (Y/n)” question is YES, indicated by the Y in CAPS.

This means that if you do not specifically answer NO to the question, flowerSoft will print the finance charge report and WILL NOT post the charges to the customer accounts until you run this option again and select NOT to print the report.

I hope this clarifies things a bit more.  So please remember, if you want to see what the finance/re-billing charges are going to be before they are posted to the customer accounts, you have to run the report first but… if you do, once you are satisfied with the way the report looks, you must run the option again and this time select not to print the report.

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