Tip #152 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Tip #152
Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some flowerSoft shortcuts you may not be aware of.

Quick Way to Erase a Field’s Contents (Ctrl + End)
If you are ever in need of erasing the entire data from a long field, such as in the card message fields, there is an easier way than spacing through the field or hitting the delete key until everything is gone.
Try holding down the Ctrl key and tapping the End key.  Normally we would show this as and it is called a combination keystroke.

The Break Key (Ctrl + C)
The Break key has not worked in flowerSoft for quite some time but I haven’t been able to catch all instances where flowerSoft uses the word Break.
If you ever see on a flowerSoft screen the words “Break to Cancel” or “Break to Exit” try hitting <Ctrl + C> instead.

The F5 Key
This is also know as the DUP key In flowerSoft because it allows you to copy the contents of a previous field into the current one.
For example, let’s say you are entering several orders for a customer and instead of entering them as a multiple order you are entering them individually.
After you save the first order, flowerSoft will allow you to fill any field in the current order with the contents of the same field on the previous order.
For example, you can duplicate the account number by pressing the F5 key instead of typing the number again.  Or you can duplicate the enclosure card message lines that remain the same.

Insert Mode (Alt + F9)
flowerSoft normally is in what is called an overwrite mode.  This means that if there are characters to the right of the cursor and you start typing, those characters will get overwritten.
If you want to put flowerSoft in an inset mode instead, hit <Alt + F9> and then as you type the characters to the right of the cursor will move to the right, just like in Word.
The problem with the insert mode is that fields have a fixed number of characters and if you do not pay attention to what you are doing, you may lose some of the characters towards the end of the field.
SO be careful if you use this mode.

Order Map (F3)
During order entry, you can go to any point in the order by pressing the F3 key and then the number in front of the section you want to jump to.


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