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Tip #151 – Long Item Codes

Tip #151
Long Item Codes

As you know, flowerSoft allows a maximum of 5 characters in the item code field. However, it also gives the option of entering a “long” item code.  The “long” item codes allows you to enter a code as long as 10 characters. Perhaps you’ve noticed that in the Item Codes database screen there is a field for it.


This allows you to enter some of those long codes Teleflora uses, such as TFWEB124 or TF068-2. OK, so you can enter the longer codes in the items code database.

Here is how… Enter the item with  “short” 5-character code and then enter the longer code in the Ling Item Code field.  Something like this…


So now you have TFWEB124 entered into the item codes database associated with short item code WB124.

But if you get an order for a TFWEB124, how do you enter that into flowerSoft’s order entry screen if you do not remember the short item code of WB124?

Here is how, and this is something that is not very well documented in flowerSoft.  It may be in the manual but it is nowhere to be found on the screen.

What you do in enter a period (.) in the item code field and flowerSoft will immediately display this prompt


So there you enter your long item code, like this…


and flowerSoft will then translate it into this…


and since had an image associated with the code, we can display it on the screen.


So now you know one of flowerSoft’s best kept secrets, how to enter long item codes.