Tip #149 – FInding a Filling Florist

Tip #149
Finding a Filling Florist Quickly

Sometimes you have the need to know if there is a florist in a certain town, or perhaps you need to know what the minimum order amount for a florist is or anything involving a florist.

You can access the Manager’s Menu, go to the Utilities option, then access the Florist Database option and then use one of the indeces provided to locate the information you need.

While this works well, there is a quicker way.  From the New Orders menu, the screen your your computer is 90% of the time, press Q to access the “Quick Find” program.

From the Quick Finder Programs menu, select option #1 – Florist Finder and then select the method you want to use to find the florist.



Let’s try to find a florist in Abbeville, LA

Enter the name of the city you want to find a florist in.  Only the city, do not enter the state.


If flowerSoft detects that there is more than one city by the name you entered, it will display the following list for you to select the correct city/state combination.


So we are going to highlight Abbeville, LA because that is where we want to find a florist, and the we hit <Enter>

Next, flowerSoft is going to ask you if you want to limit the search to a specific wire service.  Maybe you just want to see if there are any FTD florists in that town.
Or maybe you just want to see Teleflora florists.  If you want to limit the search to florists belonging to a specific wire service, enter the name of the wire service in the box.
If you leave it blank, flowerSoft will display all the florists serving Abbeville, LA.

For our example, we just want to see FTD florists in Abbeville, so we enter FTD in the box and hit .


flowerSoft now displays the FTD members serving Abbeville, LA and gives you 2 more options.


The first option is to look at the highlighted florist in detail.  So highlight the florist you want to see in detail and hit the letter V.
flowerSoft now displays the detailed record for the highlighted florist.


The florist record for Cajun Flowers gives you all the options you normally get from within the florist database.
You can literally do everything you can do had you accessed the record through Manager’s Menu > Utilities > Florist Database > Edit/View Florist Information > Selected Index A and entered the florist name and wire service.  The only thing you should not bo, although flowerSoft does not stop you if you want to do it, is hit B to browse.  As you can see, the option does not show.
Why?  Because in order to find the highlighted florist, flowerSoft has to look it up by the florist code index, which is not in name order.  So if you went ahead and hit B to browse, the list displayed by flowerSoft would not make any sense to you.  So do not hit B from there and then call me to tell me that the list is not in name order. 🙂

The other option given is to hit M to view the shops with the lowest prices in each product category.


flowerSoft will show you which shop has the lowest prices in each of those categories, and on request it will show you (if possible) the 10 lowest prices in each of the categories.



This is an enhanced existing feature.  Most of you do not have this update yet.  I’m still tweaking it.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

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