Tip #148 – Pre-Statement Account Maintenance

Tip #148
Pre-Statement Account Maintainance

If you run balance-forward statements, you should be running at least 2 of the options found in the Pre-Statement Account Maintenance menu.


Option #1 – Find Out of Balance Accounts is an option you should run but it is not critical to a successful statement run.

However, options #4 and #5 and very important and you should run through them every month before you run your statements.

Option #4 – Verify ON ACCOUNT Sales is very important.  Running this option makes sure that all your ON ACCOUNT sales have a matching statement transaction and will therefore show on the customer’s statement.  If for any reason, an ON ACCOUNT order sis not complete successfully, a matching statement transaction may not have been created and the customer will not be billed.
Having a hard copy of the invoice does not guarantee that the statement transaction was created, since the invoice prints before any attempt is made to post the new order.

Option #5 – Calculate Finance/Re-Billing Charges is very important because just about every flowerSoft customer chooses not to run statements for accounts that do not have any activity during the billing period.  By the way, this is the correct option to select while running statements.  You do not want to have a bunch of statements generated for accounts that have not made a purchase or a payment during the billing period and that can be a lot of your accounts.

You may think that if you do not impose a finance or re-billing charge on your late accounts, you do not have to run this option but nothing could be further from the truth.

Every one must run this option.  Why?  Because it makes sure that if a customer made a purchase in June but did not pay for it in July, they will get another statement in August even though they may have not had any activity during the month of July.

Without running this option, flowerSoft will not “see” any activity on the account for the month of July and will not select it for the statement run unless you selected to run statements for all accounts whether they had activity or not, which you are never going to do.

So, if I was you I would run options 1, 4 and 5 every month before I ran the statements, but you’d be foolish not to run at least options 4 and 5.

If you run open-item statements these options are not so critical but there is no harm in you running them.  As a matter of fact, I would encourage you to run them.


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