Tip #147 – Wedding Consultation to Sale

Tip #147
Converting a Wedding Consultation into a Sale

Converting a wedding consultation into a sale is a pretty simple process once you and the customer have agreed to the wedding proposal.

The order generated will have an ON ACCOUNT method of payment, so flowerSoft needs to create a new account for a member of the wedding party unless one is already available.

The screen shots below will give you an idea of the process.

1. You must start with an existing wedding consultation.


2. Hit C to convert the consultation into a sale and confirm you really want to do this.


3. Answer the next few questions that flowerSoft will ask you.


4. If you answered Y to the question above, flowerSoft will still want to know if you want to use that account.


5. If you answer Y to the question above, flowerSoft will ask you for the account number.


6.  You will need to confirm that the account number you provided is correct,


7.  flowerSoft confirms that it will charge that account for the total outstanding amount.


8.  flowerSoft will ask for confirmation that the outstanding amount is correct.


Note: Up to this point, you can hit Ctrl + C tp exit out of the conversion.  After you confirm the outstanding amount it is no longer possible to exit the conversion.

9.  If you answer No, flowerSoft will give you an opportunity to correct the amounts shown.


10.  After you confirm that the outstanding amount is correct, flowerSoft creates the order and provides you the invoice number for the order.


11.  This is what the order looks like from the Edit or View Existing Orders option of the Orders menu.


12.  This is what the customer’s account looks like after the conversion has taken place.

#1 – The credit limit is set to the total amount of the wedding if the existing credit limit is less.  If the credit limit more no changes to the credit limit take place.
#2 – If the account was a CASH ONLY account, it is changed to a “House” account.
#3 – If the group field is empty, group WED is added.  This will allow you to pull accounts who you’ve done weddings for.


13.  If you answer that there is no existing account, flowerSoft will then tell you that you need to create one.


14.  flowerSoft will automatically fill some of the required fields and then put you in the Add New Clients screen


15.  flowerSoft needs to know which phone number you want to use to create the account.
Both the bride’s and the groom’s phone numbers a visible when the question is asked.


16.  flowerSoft now puts you into a new client screen.  You will fill this screen just like you do when entering a new client from a new order.
Some of the fields are pre-filled for you but you can change them if you want to.


That is it.  It takes a lot longer to read this post than to actually convert a wedding consultation to a sale, which probably takes less than a couple of minutes.

As always, comments are welcomed.

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