Tip #146 – Adding a Recipe to a Wedding Consultation

Tip #146
Adding Bill of Materials (Recipes) to a Wedding Consultation

In flowerSoft, a wedding consultation consists of several different sections.

  1. The bride’s bouquet
  2. The bride’s floral headpiece
  3. The throw bouquet
  4. The maid/matron of honor bouquet
  5. The bridesmaids bouquets
  6. The flower girl’s bouquet
  7. The floral headpieces
  8. Boutonnieres
  9. Corsages
  10. Main Altar
  11. Aisle Runner
  12. Other Items
  13. Specialties
  14. Cake Table (top, middle and base) and
  15. Centerpieces

Each section can have its own bill of materials (recipe) and associated image.

To access the bill of materials for any of the above sections, you hit the F8 key and the following screen will be displayed…


after you finish entering the items required for the section, in this case the bride’s bouquet, you hit F9 to save the bill of materials and exit back to the wedding consultation worksheet program.

If flowerSoft detects that there you have not loaded a previously recorded recipe into the bill of materials for this section (pressing F8 loads an existing recipe) it will ask you if you want to save this bill of materials as a recipe.


if you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will ask you to give the recipe an ID and a description…


Once you give the recipe an ID and a description, flowerSoft will save it to the recipes database and it will then be available for future use.

To upload a recipe into a blank (or even filled) bill of materials, press the F8 key and flowerSoft will prompt you for the recipe’s ID


Once you enter the recipe’s ID, flowerSoft will load that recipe into the current bill of materials for this section of the wedding consultation worksheet.

You can display a list of existing recipes by entering a question mark at the recipe ID prompt.


Once you select the recipe you want to load by highlighting it and hitting enter, flowerSoft will give you a warning that the action will erase anything you currently have in the bill of materials page.


If you give the go ahead, flowerSoft will load and display the selected recipe.


To display an image of what the finished product should look like, you can press the F3 key and flowerSoft will display the image associated with the recipe


To exit the image view, you hit the Esc key and flowerSoft will return you to the bill of materials page.

After you add the bill of materials for the entire wedding, flowerSoft will give you the option to print the items needed.





As always, any questions or comments are welcomed.

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