Tip #144 – Weddings, a Quick View

Tip #144
Weddings, a Quick View

We’ve made some improvements to the wedding program.  Here is a quick view of the improved version.

The Wedding Menu.  There is only one wedding program.  We’ve eliminated the long and tedious version.



The general information screen remain the same.


The ceremony/Reception screen.


The bridal flowers screen.  This screen has been enhanced by allowing you to add bill of materials (recipes) for all the sections that require flowers.
You can also add images of what the finished product should look like.




The Bridal Party screen.  As with the Bridal Flowers screen, you will now be able to add bill of materials and images.


The boutonnieres screen.  It also allows you to add bill of materials and images.


The corsages screen.


The ceremony items screen.


The specialties screen.


The reception flowers screen.


The summary of charges screen.
It allows you to separate the charges being paid by the bride, groom and the ones that will be split between the two.


The payments screen.


Once you are finished with the wedding worksheet, flowerSoft will give you the option to e-mail it to the customer, as well as print it.

In the next posts, I’ll explain how to use some of the new features as well as to how to convert a wedding proposal into a sale.

We’ll also run through how to add recipes (bill of materials) in flowerSoft and how to link pictures to the recipe.

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