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Tip #147 – Wedding Consultation to Sale

Tip #147
Converting a Wedding Consultation into a Sale

Converting a wedding consultation into a sale is a pretty simple process once you and the customer have agreed to the wedding proposal.

The order generated will have an ON ACCOUNT method of payment, so flowerSoft needs to create a new account for a member of the wedding party unless one is already available.

The screen shots below will give you an idea of the process.

1. You must start with an existing wedding consultation.


2. Hit C to convert the consultation into a sale and confirm you really want to do this.


3. Answer the next few questions that flowerSoft will ask you.


4. If you answered Y to the question above, flowerSoft will still want to know if you want to use that account.


5. If you answer Y to the question above, flowerSoft will ask you for the account number.


6.  You will need to confirm that the account number you provided is correct,


7.  flowerSoft confirms that it will charge that account for the total outstanding amount.


8.  flowerSoft will ask for confirmation that the outstanding amount is correct.


Note: Up to this point, you can hit Ctrl + C tp exit out of the conversion.  After you confirm the outstanding amount it is no longer possible to exit the conversion.

9.  If you answer No, flowerSoft will give you an opportunity to correct the amounts shown.


10.  After you confirm that the outstanding amount is correct, flowerSoft creates the order and provides you the invoice number for the order.


11.  This is what the order looks like from the Edit or View Existing Orders option of the Orders menu.


12.  This is what the customer’s account looks like after the conversion has taken place.

#1 – The credit limit is set to the total amount of the wedding if the existing credit limit is less.  If the credit limit more no changes to the credit limit take place.
#2 – If the account was a CASH ONLY account, it is changed to a “House” account.
#3 – If the group field is empty, group WED is added.  This will allow you to pull accounts who you’ve done weddings for.


13.  If you answer that there is no existing account, flowerSoft will then tell you that you need to create one.


14.  flowerSoft will automatically fill some of the required fields and then put you in the Add New Clients screen


15.  flowerSoft needs to know which phone number you want to use to create the account.
Both the bride’s and the groom’s phone numbers a visible when the question is asked.


16.  flowerSoft now puts you into a new client screen.  You will fill this screen just like you do when entering a new client from a new order.
Some of the fields are pre-filled for you but you can change them if you want to.


That is it.  It takes a lot longer to read this post than to actually convert a wedding consultation to a sale, which probably takes less than a couple of minutes.

As always, comments are welcomed.


Latest florists directories are available from flowerSoft’s Dropbox.  The file is called florist.exe and should be placed in your FSROOT folder.
After doing this, you can go into flowerSoft’s Manager’s Menu and follow these steps…


Select the U – Utilities option


Select F – Florist Database


Select I – Install Florist Directories


If you want to save your existing Favorite, Preferred, Exclude from Searches and Do Not Fill For settings, run the S – Save F/P/E/D Markings before you install the new directories.


Select L- Install Latest Directories


The first thing flowerSoft will do is tell the location where the florist.exe should be located.
Please note that the location shown on the screen shot above is the location where the florist.exe file should be located in my system, not necessarily yours.
With the exception of the FSROOT portion, your setting may be completely different from mine.

Because flowerSoft can be installed just about anywhere in a computer system, the location shown on the screen shot above may be different than what the screen will show on yours when you select the option.
The location shown on your screen is the correct location for your system and you should place the florist.exe file there.

Place the florist.exe file in the location your screen shows which, again, is not necessarily the same location show on the screen shot above.

Once you’ve done this, answer “Y” to the “Did you download the file to that location? (y/N) ” prompt.


After you answer “Y” to the first prompt, flowerSoft will tell you where you should tell the installation program to install the florist directories.


Before continuing, flowerSoft  will first give you a warning about saving your preferred settings.
If you haven’t done so and you want to save them, answer “N” to the prompt about continuing with the installation.
If you have already saved your preferred settings or you do not want to save them, answer “Y” to the prompt.


flowerSoft will tell you that it will start the installation.


This is the first screen the install program will display.
Make sure it says flowerSoft Silver Databases SEP-DEC 2013If it does not, you did not place the florist.exe file in the correct location.

The next few screen shots are self-explanatory


Once it has completed the installation, the program will display the screen above and wait for you to click on the button.

The latest florist directories should now be installed in your system.

Tip #146 – Adding a Recipe to a Wedding Consultation

Tip #146
Adding Bill of Materials (Recipes) to a Wedding Consultation

In flowerSoft, a wedding consultation consists of several different sections.

  1. The bride’s bouquet
  2. The bride’s floral headpiece
  3. The throw bouquet
  4. The maid/matron of honor bouquet
  5. The bridesmaids bouquets
  6. The flower girl’s bouquet
  7. The floral headpieces
  8. Boutonnieres
  9. Corsages
  10. Main Altar
  11. Aisle Runner
  12. Other Items
  13. Specialties
  14. Cake Table (top, middle and base) and
  15. Centerpieces

Each section can have its own bill of materials (recipe) and associated image.

To access the bill of materials for any of the above sections, you hit the F8 key and the following screen will be displayed…


after you finish entering the items required for the section, in this case the bride’s bouquet, you hit F9 to save the bill of materials and exit back to the wedding consultation worksheet program.

If flowerSoft detects that there you have not loaded a previously recorded recipe into the bill of materials for this section (pressing F8 loads an existing recipe) it will ask you if you want to save this bill of materials as a recipe.


if you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will ask you to give the recipe an ID and a description…


Once you give the recipe an ID and a description, flowerSoft will save it to the recipes database and it will then be available for future use.

To upload a recipe into a blank (or even filled) bill of materials, press the F8 key and flowerSoft will prompt you for the recipe’s ID


Once you enter the recipe’s ID, flowerSoft will load that recipe into the current bill of materials for this section of the wedding consultation worksheet.

You can display a list of existing recipes by entering a question mark at the recipe ID prompt.


Once you select the recipe you want to load by highlighting it and hitting enter, flowerSoft will give you a warning that the action will erase anything you currently have in the bill of materials page.


If you give the go ahead, flowerSoft will load and display the selected recipe.


To display an image of what the finished product should look like, you can press the F3 key and flowerSoft will display the image associated with the recipe


To exit the image view, you hit the Esc key and flowerSoft will return you to the bill of materials page.

After you add the bill of materials for the entire wedding, flowerSoft will give you the option to print the items needed.





As always, any questions or comments are welcomed.

Tip #145 – Adding Recipes

Tip #145
Adding Recipes in flowerSoft

One of the things you may want to do if you are going to be using flowerSoft’s wedding module is enter the recipes for your favorite bouquets.

Here is how.

From the Manager’s menu, got Utilities and from there to User definable Codes & Settings.
From there you can access the Recipes menu.



When you select the “Add Recipes” option, the following screen opens up:


Let’s analyze the different elements of the recipes screen.

#1 – Every recipe must be associated with an item description code.  This would be the recipe ID or code.
So if you are entering a recipe for a floral bouquet, you might want to give it a code like WB001 or something similar.
If the item code does not exist in the item description codes database, flowerSoft will inform you that it does not exist and ask you if you want to add it to the database.


If you have made a mistake while entering the code, you can then correct it or if not, you can go ahead an add a new item description code.
The point is that every recipe must be associated with an item description code via their mutual ID.  So, if you have a recipe ID of WB001 you must also have an item code WB001.
The opposite is not true since you do not have to have a recipe for every item code you have in your database.

#2 – The quantity field must always be filled.  If you just want to use a line to enter a comment, enter a zero in the quantity field.

#3 – The item code field can be left blank but if you fill it, it will be checked against the item description codes database and if found, the description field will be automatically filled with the description of the item description code.

#4 – The description field must always be filled.  You can have a zero in the quantity field and no item code in the item code field but you must have a description in this field.

#5 and #6 – The size and color fields are optional fields and they do not have to be filled.

#7 – The notes area consists of 4 separate lines.  You can use this are for designer instructions or for other any purpose.  These lines do not have to be filled.

#8 – The image path field is also optional and does not have to be filled.  However, if you want to associate an image with the recipe you have to adhere to certain rules.
The image must be a .jpg file and it must reside in a folder inside the \FSROOT\IMAGES\RECIPES folder.  flowerSoft will only et you enter the name of the file (without the .jpg extension) in this field.
If an image name is entered for a recipe and the recipe is used in a wedding consultation section, the image will be available for viewing from the wedding consultation screen.

Note: If you go into a wedding consultation section that does not have a recipe associated with it, once finished entering the items for that section, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to save the items entered as a recipe.  If you answer “Yes”, flowerSoft will ask you to give the new recipe a code and save the items you’ve entered for that section.  This recipe will then be available for future use in other wedding consultations.  We will go into this in more detail when we talk about wedding consultations in a future post.

So this is how you enter recipes in flowerSoft.  Recipes can be used to describe in detail any produced item you offer, not just in wedding consultations.
Some flowerSoft customers use recipes extensively and use them to control inventory and costs.


When used in conjunction with the “Bill of Materials” used program, it can be a useful tool to also make sure orders are filled to value.
More on the “Bill of Materials” program in a future post.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know.

Tip #144 – Weddings, a Quick View

Tip #144
Weddings, a Quick View

We’ve made some improvements to the wedding program.  Here is a quick view of the improved version.

The Wedding Menu.  There is only one wedding program.  We’ve eliminated the long and tedious version.



The general information screen remain the same.


The ceremony/Reception screen.


The bridal flowers screen.  This screen has been enhanced by allowing you to add bill of materials (recipes) for all the sections that require flowers.
You can also add images of what the finished product should look like.




The Bridal Party screen.  As with the Bridal Flowers screen, you will now be able to add bill of materials and images.


The boutonnieres screen.  It also allows you to add bill of materials and images.


The corsages screen.


The ceremony items screen.


The specialties screen.


The reception flowers screen.


The summary of charges screen.
It allows you to separate the charges being paid by the bride, groom and the ones that will be split between the two.


The payments screen.


Once you are finished with the wedding worksheet, flowerSoft will give you the option to e-mail it to the customer, as well as print it.

In the next posts, I’ll explain how to use some of the new features as well as to how to convert a wedding proposal into a sale.

We’ll also run through how to add recipes (bill of materials) in flowerSoft and how to link pictures to the recipe.