Tip #142 – Creating Delivery Zones

Tip #142
Creating Delivery Zones

OK, so now you know how to create a delivery zone system the easy way with little effort on your part.
Now let’s find out how to set up a more robust method which requires a lot more work on your part.

Method #2

From flowerSoft’s Main menu, follow the same path you took on the previous post, M > U > C  but instead of 4 – Delivery Zones, select S – Street Map Locations and you’ll end up here…


This method requires you to input information from a street map booklet such as Hagstrom’s Street Atlas.  You probably have this or something similar for your drivers to use.


On the back of these books there is an index showing the street name, the low and high range of house numbers, zip code, the page or map number and the coordinates on the map you can use to find the location.

If you have the time and want to spend it doing this tedious task, flowerSoft can then use that information to precisely locate the recipient’s address in the correct delivery zone.  I wish this information was available as a csv file but I have not been able to find it.  If you know where it can be obtained, please let me know and I’ll write a program to read the csv file and load it into the Street Addresses program.

As I said before, it is not hard to do but it is a tedious and time-consuming task.  Trust me, I have done it.
Anyhow, here is how to add addresses to the program.

When you hit A to Add Street Map Locations, flowerSoft will display the following screen…


All you have to do then is enter the Street Name, the City Name and the Zip Code, the Low and High house numbers, the map number, the map location (coordinates) and the delivery zone.

You should not enter the delivery zone as you are entering the data.
It is a lot easier to do this after you’ve finished entering all the street locations.

Here is what a completed record looks like…


Next post we’ll learn how to add Delivery Zones to the Street Address records.

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