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Tip #141 – How to Set Up Delivery Zones

Tip #141
How to Set Up Delivery Zones

flowerSoft gives you two methods of setting up your delivery zones.
One method is fairly simple to implement, requiring very little effort on your part.
The other one is also fairly simple to implement but requires a lot of work on your part.

Let’s start with the simple and easy method…

Method #1

Follow this path from flowerSoft’s Main menu:
M > U > C > 4 and you’ll end up here…


Let’s go ahead and select A – Add Delivery Zones.
You’ll be presented with the following screen


As you can see from the screen shot above, data entry is pretty straight forward. 
You enter a zip code, flowerSoft should fill the name of the city or town and the state automatically for you.
Enter your minimum order amount and the default delivery charge for this zone.

The cut-off time is the time until which you’ll take orders going to this zone.  Time is entered in “military time” but if you are not familiar with it, you can press F6 to see a list to help you.
If you will delivery to that zone after the cut-off time but charge a delivery surcharge, enter the amount of the surcharge.  Please note that this is a delivery surcharge, in other words it will be added to the delivery charge for the zone.

Next give the delivery zone a name.  A lot of flowerSoft customers like to give the different zones names of colors, like BLUE or RED.  However, flowerSoft will accept anything in this field 10 characters or less.

If you belong to a co-op delivery system, you can enter the table number for this zone or leaves it blank.

If the delivery zone covers a large area and/or you do not deliver to some areas in the zone, you can set a flag to warn the clerk during the order-entry process.

Next, you’ll select the sales tax rate for the zone.  99% of the time it should be tax rate A, your default rate, but if the delivery zone has a different tax rate than your default one, you can enter B or C here.  Just make sure you record that tax rate in flowerSoft’s tax rates database.

Finally, you have the option of assigning certain delivery zones to a specific driver.  To assign a zone to a specific driver, simply enter the driver’s initials (as they appear in the employee file) in the space provided for it.

This is what a completed delivery zone record looks like…


That is all you need to do to start using delivery zones.

When you use delivery zones, flowerSoft will read the recipient’s address and assign the correct zone and delivery charge to the orders.

This is a pretty simple method to set up and use delivery zones but does it have any disadvantages?

Yes, there is one disadvantage to this method and it is that if you have a zip code that covers a very large area, you might want to break up that area into 2 or more delivery zones.  So now you’ll end up with 2 or more delivery zones using the same zip code.

During order entry, if flowerSoft detects that you have more than one delivery zone for a zip code, it will open a window showing the 2, 3 or more delivery zones in that zip code and now it is up to your employee to pick the correct one.

Although this is not usually a big problem, you might want to take that responsibility away from the clerk and let flowerSoft always pick the correct one for you.

If this is what you want, the you must use the second method to create delivery zones and that is the subject of the next post.