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Tip #138

Tip #138
PCI Compliance

How to Give a Partial Credit

One problem with the new PCI compliant version of flowerSoft is that you cannot give a customer a credit if you do not have an original token.  In other words, you cannot go into flowerSoft and create a new invoice for a customer, enter a negative amount, select credit card as the method of payment, enter the customer’s credit card and get an approval for a credit.
Merchant Warehouse’s software barks out that you’ve entered an illegal transaction.
I’ve found out that the reason for this is to avoid possible fraud.  So a credit cannot be given unless there is an original token to apply it against.

So how do we get around this constriction?  Fairly simple.  Just go to the original order, hit R and then select option #3 – Refund and Update.  What this does is refund the original order amount  and then allows you to change the order.

So let’s say we have an original order for $100 and that we have gotten an approval on the credit card used.
The customer now calls you a couple of days later and tells you that you forgot to include the plush teddy bear he had ordered.
So now you have to credit him $20 for the plush toy.
Here is how the original order looked…


Now, to give the credit, we bring up the original order and hit R…


We then select option #3 – Refund and Update Order


After we tell flowerSoft to go ahead with the refund, the customer’s credit card will be refunded $119.68.  The total amount of the original order.

Now, we update the existing order and add a line to show the credit…


We then get approval for the new order amount, $97.91.

So the customer’s credit card statement will show…

Debits          Credits
Sale            $ 119.68
Refund                            $119.68
Sale            $  97.91

This is the only way I know to give a partial credit to a customer.

The thing to remember is that to give a credit on a credit card transaction, there must be an original transaction with an approval and a token number.  Without the token number, no credit can be given through the customer’s credit card.  You can always send them a check or if they have a house account, give them a credit there.