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Tip #140 – Price Points

Tip #140
Price Points

flowerSoft now gives you the ability to add price points to any of your item codes.
Here is what you have to do…

  1. Go to the Manager’s menu and select the U – Utilities option.
  2. From the Utilities option select C – User definable Codes and Settings.
  3. Now select 1 – Item Description Codes.
  4. Select E – Edit/View Item Description Codes.
  5. Select index A or B and bring up the item you want to enter price points
  6. You will see the following screen…


Hit the Dollar sign and the following screen will display…


If no previous price points exist, all the price point fields will be empty.  If you had entered price points for this item, they would show up now.  In either case, all you have to do is hit U to update the price points and either add or edit them.

Note that you cannot delete the price points as they are part of the Item Codes record.  To clear the price points, simply hit C and flowerSoft will ask you for confirmation, and after receiving it will clear all the price points for the item.

Also note that one of the price points is the minimum price the item can be sold for.  If no minimum price is entered, the standard price will also be the minimum price.

Let’s say you decide to normally sell this item for $40 but never for less than $35.

You can also use better flowers for $50 and a really deluxe version in a Mink Dynasty vase for $75.
You screen would look like this…


So now, while taking an order, you or one of your employees get to the “Unit Price” field…


you should notice the new option allowing you to hit F8 to access the Price Points for this item. When you hit F8, the following screen will come up…


At this point you can select a number from 1 to 4.  #1 for the minimum price for this item, #2 for the standard price, #3 for the better option and #4 for the premium version.

If you or your clerk enter a unit price less that the minimum amount, flowerSoft will respond with…


and automatically replace the price you entered with the minimum price for the item…


If F8 is pressed for an item with no price points, flowerSoft will respond with…


So there it is, an easy way for your employees to know what your price points are for an item.

Note:  Price points can only be entered for items with an item code.

As always, any comments or suggestions for improvement are welcomed.