Tip #139 – Promoting Overstocked Items

Tip #139
Promoting Overstocked Items

Don’t you wish that your employees had a way of knowing which items you are carrying too many of and were able to lead the customer into purchasing one of those items instead of the ones you barely have enough of?  Well, now you can.

Let me show you how this is done.

First, there was the question of whether the list should come up automatically or only on demand.  Well, I decided to give you the choice.

In the Manager’s menu, under System Information, System Defaults you will find  on Page 23 a couple of new questions…


Answering these 2 questions will allow you to tell flowerSoft whether to display the list automatically or not (on demand) and if automatically, at which point(s) in the order to display it.

After you answer these questions, you must enter the items you want to push out the door.  You do this by going to the Manager’s menu and then into the Inventory module.


There you will find a menu option labeled  P – Promote Items.  Let’s see what happens when you select that option.


First thing you will see is the date on which to start the promotion.  It always defaults to today’s date but you can change it to suit your needs.
Next, you have to enter the information the screen is asking for.  You do not have to use an item code but if you do, the program will bring in the information found in the item codes and inventory file automatically for you.


You are not forced to enter a discount but if you do, flowerSoft will calculate the sale price automatically.  SImmilarly, if you do not enter a discount, the sale price will be the sale as the unit price.  If you change the sale price to a different amount, flowerSoft will calculate the discount automatically.

If the item exists in the inventory file and you are keeping track of the units on hand, flowerSoft will bring the current units on hand number into this record.  You can enter a different units on hand number if you wish and flowerSoft will then update the inventory record with this new number.

After you save the item, flowerSoft will ask you if you want to promote the item only for the date shown or an extended period of time…


If you select “No” flowerSoft will then ask you for the last date to promote this item and then save a record for the item for each day the promotion runs.


After the promotion records are saved, you can view them by using option V – Edit/View Promoted Items…


Once the promoted items are set up, they will start displaying at the selected location(s) during order entry.

Please note that even though you can enter a quantity on hand for any promoted item, the quantity on hand will not be updated unless the promoted item is part of your inventory file.


As an example, promotional items BB5 and BALM are part of the inventory file so their quantities will be updated each time one or more are sold.  However, sunflowers by the stem and white roses by the stem are not part of the inventory file, so their quantities must be updated by hand.  Inventory items must have an item code and be marked as inventory items in the item codes file.


Please be aware of the difference between produced and not produced items.  Produce items do not come off inventory until entered into a bill of materials by designer.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

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