Tip #137 – New Employee Time Clock Options

Tip #137
New Time Clock Options

I’ve added some new options to the Employee Time Clock program to enhance its operation.
I hope you like the new features.


The “defaults” file will now give you the option on how you want your employees to log in when punching the time clock.
They will have the option to log in by entering their social security #, employee number or either one.


Of course, limiting the login to the social security # is the most secure one as more than likely no one else will be able to punch in or out for the employee.


The employee number method is less secure as anyone with the knowledge of the employee’s number can punch in or out for the employee.  This method should only be used if you do not keep the social security # as part of the employee’s record.


The last option is giving the employee the choice of how to log in.
This may be the best option if you have social security numbers for most of your employees but some part-time or seasonal employees that you do not keep social security numbers for.


As you look at the time clock screen, you will see two options.  One has been there forever but it is difficult to notice and the other one is brand new and very easy to detect.

I’ll start with the employee notes option.

This option allows your employee to attach a note to his or her time card and communicate some message to you.

For example, let’s say that the employee did a delivery for you after punching out for the day.  Of course, the employee will want to get paid for the time spent making the delivery but if he or she punches out for the day, the computer will take that time to calculate the hours worked.
Since you, as a supervisor, have the option to edit a time card; the employee can then leave you a note attached to that day’s time card alerting you that he or she spent additional time making the delivery.  You can the edit the time card for that day and adjust the last punch of the day to give credit for the time spent doing the delivery.

To do this, all the employee has to do is hit “N” after the time card has been punched and a new screen will pop up where the note to you can be entered.


After saving the note, flowerSoft will give the employee visual confirmation that the note has been recorded.


So that is easy enough to do but how do you, the supervisor, view notes left by your employees?

There are several ways to do this…

The first way is for you follow this path: Manager’s menu > Payroll Operations > Time Cards and use the option that allows you to search for time cards with notes attached.


After you select this option, flowerSoft will ask you to enter the date to start searching from…


and it will then display every time card, starting with that date, that has a note attached to it.


After flowerSoft displays the note and you hit the key, the time card will be displayed in full giving you additional options.


To respond to the note the employee sent you, hit the N key.  The note will be re-displayed, giving you the option to hit U to respond.


So after you type your response…


how does the employee see your answer?

Simple, the next time the employee uses the time clock to punch in or out, flowerSoft will automatically display any responses from you that have not been acknowledged by the employee.


Once the employee has acknowledge that your response has been read, it will not come up any more.

flowerSoft will keep track of who has viewed the notes and responses to the notes.


An old note and response can always be viewed again by accessing the time card from the Manager’s menu.

Let’s now look at what happens when you select to use the new option by pressing the F10 key.

One thing that is important for your employees to know is that the F10 key can only be pressed before punching in or out.


As you can see, these new additional options give your employees 3 choices.

Since the F10 key must be pressed on an empty time card, after selecting any of the three choices, flowerSoft will ask for the employee number and the employee’s password…

tc27 tc26

If your employee wants to review his or her time card for today, they would select option #1 and they would get this…


If he or she wants to review an older time card, option #2 would do that for them after they enter the date of the time card they want to review…



and if they wanted to total their hours for a certain period of time, option #3 should be their choice…


Note: a “processed” card means a card that has been processed by a payroll.  If you do not calculate payrolls through flowerSoft, all the cards would be “Not Processed”.

So there you have it, a new an improved time clock program.

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