Tip #134 – Credit Card Approvals – No CVV Code Available

Tip #134
What to do when you do not have the CVV code

Those of you who are running flowerSoft in PCI compliant mode, know that to get an approval on a new credit card (one that has not been used before) that is not present (a phone order), you must have the cvv (security) code for the card in order to get an approval.


If you attempt to get approval without entering the cvv code, the interface will respond with…


So you cannot get an approval without entering one.

Sometimes, however, the cvv code is not available for various reasons beyond your control.

For example, web orders received through a website hosted by Teleflora provide you the card number but not the cvv code.  flowerSoft knows this, so it uses a different interface in those cases to allow you to get an approval without providing the cvv code.  It may cost you a little more to clear those cards but at least you can clear them.

Recurring (standing) orders is another type of order that you may have to process without knowing what the cvv code is.  When you process a recurring order, flowerSoft will ask you if you have the cvv code.  If you answer ‘yes’, it will use the normal interface but if you answer ‘no’ it will use the interface that allows you to bypass entering the cvv code.

So we have incoming web orders and recurring orders covered.  However, we do have a condition that requires a bit of sleight of hand.
Once in a while, thankfully not so often, you will receive a web order through Teleflora or FTD that prints on your printer but when you go to transfer it into flowerSoft is nowhere to be found.
Sometimes this is due to the clerk accidentally deleting the order but other times there seems to be no logical reason for it.

In those cases where you cannot “transfer” and order into flowerSoft, you must enter it manually into the system.  However, when you do that flowerSoft expects you to have a cvv code and you do not have one.

So how do we get flowerSoft to use the interface that does not require you to enter the cvv code?

Simple, when you get to the “source” field one of the opions you can use is “I” for internet order…


and then continue entering the order as you would a normal local order.


When you get to the approval of the credit card section, flowerSoft will ask you if you have the cvv code…


and if you answer ‘No’, flowerSoft will use the interface that does not require you to enter the cvv code.


So that is how you can get around entering the cvv code when you do not have one available.

This is not only limited to orders received through the internet that you have to enter manually.  You can also use this method to enter orders where the cvv code of the card is un-readable.

But remember, you must enter the source of the order as “I”, otherwise this will not work.  If it is not really an internet order and you want to keep your sources accurate, get the approval first and then edit the order and change the source to whatever you need it to be.

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