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Tip #132 – Improved Employee Time Clock Program

Tip #132
New Employee Time Clock Program

In order to keep everyone happy, I’ve made some changes to the time clock program.

Some of you like to have your employees punch in using their employee number, while others want to see them punch in and out using their social security number.

The new time clock screen will let your employee clock in and out using either their employee number or their social security number.

In addition, some of you do not like to read time in a 24-hour format, so flowerSoft will now display the time in a normal format.
However, if any changes have to be made to a time card, they have to be made in “military” time.

Your employees will now also be able to access the time clock from the new orders menu by pressing the plus (+) key.

Here are some of the screen shots…



PunchedĀ out using employee number.


Punched in using social security number.

Notice times are shown in AM/PM format, not “military” time.