Tip # 129 Recipients by Account

Tip #129
Recipients by Account

As you all know, flowerSoft keeps a database with the name and addresses of all your recipients.
Every person you’ve ever delivered to, as well as all your customers are in this database.
However, you may not know that flowerSoft keeps another database of recipients linked to account numbers.
What this does for you is give you the ability to press 1 key and get a list of all the recipients an account has sent flowers to.

Let’s take a look…


When you first go into the recipient’s name field, there is a prompt that reads F4-Cust. Recipients
If you hit F4 at this point, flowerSoft will display this screen…


This is a list of all the names this particular customer has sent flowers to.
The list is sorted alphabetically, but notice the prompt G-Go to a Letter
This gives you the ability to jump to names starting with a specific letter when the customer has sent flowers to many different recipients.
If you press G, flowerSoft will prompt you for the letter to jump to…


Let’s say that the name you are looking for starts with an M.  If you enter M at the Enter Letter to Go To prompt, flowerSoft will only display names starting with that letter.


If you make a mistake and enter the wrong letter, you can simply hit G again and enter the correct letter to jump to.


If you want to display all the names again, without restricting the list to a specific letter, when the Enter Letter to Go To prompt comes up simply leave it blank.
flowerSoft will then display all the recipients for that account without restricting it to a specific letter.

If you enter a letter for which there is no match, in other words, no recipient names starting with that letter; flowerSoft will let you know…


Once you find the name you are looking for, simply highlight it and hit <Enter>


If you cannot find the name you want, hit X and flowerSoft will let you enter the name as you would normally do and still search the global recipients database for a match, since it is possible that someone else may have sent flowers to that person and the information is stored in the database.


Next we’ll learn how to find out what the customer has previously sent a specific recipient.

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