Getting Ready for PCI Compliance

For those of you getting ready to start clearing your credit cards through Merchant Warehouse and become PCI compliant, this is what you will before you start:

You will need your credentials to access their portal.  This is the portal’s url:

It will bring you to a web page looking something like this:


They should have provided you with a User Name and a temporary password to access this page.  If they have not, call them and ask them to provide you with the information you need to access this page.

Once you login, you should see a page like the one below.


You can use this page to track your credit card sales throughout the day and perform other administrative functions

You do not really have to close a batch, since that is done automatically every night.

You can also use this page to bypass flowerSoft and get credit card authorizations directly through this page.

If you want to swipe credit cards and get approvals through flowerSoft, you will also have to get a credit card reader from them.  You have to get it from them since it encrypts all the data.

Other credit card readers will not work.  If you want to be able to accept debit cards, gift cards and other types of payment coming soon, you’ll have to get their Genius device.

This is device very similar to what you see in supermarkets and drug stores, where the customer swipes his or her own credit card, enters their zip code, pin #, etc.

After all that is in place, all we have to do is change a setting in flowerSoft’s defaults menu and you will then start getting approvals through Merchant Warehouse.

That is all there is to it.

Please not that you must download and install Net Framework 4 in all the computers that will be getting credit card approvals through flowerSoft.
This is a free Microsoft program that is required for the interface to work.
Here is where you go to download it:
then just follow the simple instructions to install it.



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