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Tip #132 – Improved Employee Time Clock Program

Tip #132
New Employee Time Clock Program

In order to keep everyone happy, I’ve made some changes to the time clock program.

Some of you like to have your employees punch in using their employee number, while others want to see them punch in and out using their social security number.

The new time clock screen will let your employee clock in and out using either their employee number or their social security number.

In addition, some of you do not like to read time in a 24-hour format, so flowerSoft will now display the time in a normal format.
However, if any changes have to be made to a time card, they have to be made in “military” time.

Your employees will now also be able to access the time clock from the new orders menu by pressing the plus (+) key.

Here are some of the screen shots…



Punched out using employee number.


Punched in using social security number.

Notice times are shown in AM/PM format, not “military” time.

Tip #131 – If You Are a New flowerSoft User…

Tip #131
Best advice I can ever give you

If you are not familiar with a function, always read the bottom 4 lines of the screen.

A lot of time and effort is spent supplying those prompts to make it easier for you, the user, to understand what flowerSoft is expecting you to do.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  Use account # 1111111.000 for testing purposes. Whatever you do using that account, does not count as a real order.

Train new employees using this test account.  It is just like a real account except that flowerSoft ignores anything with the 1111111.000 account number when generating reports and calculating sales taxes.

Tip #130 – Customer Order and Purchasing History

Tip #130
Customer Order and Purchasing History

OK, so now you know how to display a particular customer’s recipient history.
But what if you want to know the customer’s purchasing history?  In other words, you want to find out what items the customer purchases when he or she places an order.
Or perhaps you want to know what the customer has sent to a particular recipient on previous orders.

Suppose you are taking an order from one of your better customers.  Someone who orders often and to several different recipients.  They are sending this order to someone they’ve sent flowers before.
Now you get to the items sold screen and he or she asks you “I want to send her something different.  What did I send her the last time I ordered flowers from you?”

What would you say to them?  Do you have that information at your fingertips?

Well, you do but you probably do not know how to access it.  Let me show you how…

First let me start by telling you that for these feature to work, you must use item codes.  Items sold that do not have an item code are ignored.  In other words, if then you sell an arrangement you leave the item code blank and just time arrangement in the description field, flowerSoft will ignore that line when saving the information.
So get used to using item codes, you’ll be amazed at how many more reports and features you’ll have access to if you use them.

OK, so you now get to the point of entering the recipient’s name.  As we learned on the previous post, you can hit the F4 key to get a list of all the names this customer has sent flowers to.
So let’s select Jennifer Allee from that list.



flowerSoft brings in Jennifer’s information and asks you to verify that she is still at that address.
Once you do so and continue with the order, you will get to the items sold screen.
Notice that at the bottom of the screen shot below there is a prompt tha reads F8-Order/Purchasing History.


What does this mean, Ordering/Purchasing History?
Ordering History refers to the orders a customer has placed with you.
Purchasing History refers to the items a customer has purchased in those orders he or she has placed with you.

When you hit F8, flowerSoft will present you with the following choices…


Lets hit O to see a list of all the orders this customer has placed with you.
Notice that at the bottom of the screen there is a prompt that shows you how to display the orders for only the current recipient.


So here you have the list of all of the orders (may not be all visible at one time) the customer has placed with you sorted in date order, starting with the most recent one.
The list will only display the 6 most recent orders at one time but hitting page down will show the next group of 6, always in delivery date order.
Let’s hit R to see only the order(s) placed for delivery to Jennifer Alleee.

So now we are only seeing the one order this customer has sent Jennifer Allee but notice that is you hit R again, you will tell flowerSoft to display all the orders placed by this customer again.

To just view the previous order sent to Jennifer, we can use the V-View Highlighted option but if we want to copy the previous order into the current one, we must hiit the key.


The screen shot above shows you what happens if you just want to view the order.  flowerSoft displays it and does not get you any other choice but to hit <Enter> to continue.


However, if you select to copy the order into the current one, flowerSoft will oblige and place you on the first screen so that you can re-enter the initials and change the delivery date.

Now lets see that happens when we select P-Purchasing History instead of O-Order History.


As I said before, Purchasing History refers to the different items the customer has purchased through the different orders he or she has placed with you.
Please note that if the customer has placed 100 orders with you and the item sold is always coded as ARR, then there will only be one item on the list and it will be the most recent one.
If you did not use the item code field in any of the orders, then there will be no items on the list.


As with the Order History, flowerSoft can only display 6 item codes at one time.  They are sorted alphabetically.
As shown below, hitting <Page Down> will display the balance of the item codes if there are more than six.

rh11 rh12

A warning…


As you can see, one of the prompts at the bottom of the screen tells you that you can hit C to show only the item(s) sent to Jenniffer Allee.
This works sometimes but probably won’t most times if the customer sends lots of orders.  Why?
Because as I mentioned before, flowerSoft only keeps track of the most recent order with a specific item code.
This function is meant to see what items the customer buys from you, not what items the customer sends the recipient.
Since the item code that was used in Jennifer’s previous order was ARR, and the order was placed on February of 2011, chances are the customer sent an arrangement to someone else some time after February of 2011.  So do not depend on that option if you want to see what was sent to Jennifer previously, use the V-View Highlighted option instead.

So there you have it, the Order History and Purchasing History have been explained.  Now is up to you to see if they can help you or your employees be more efficient and sound more professional with your customers.

Tip # 129 Recipients by Account

Tip #129
Recipients by Account

As you all know, flowerSoft keeps a database with the name and addresses of all your recipients.
Every person you’ve ever delivered to, as well as all your customers are in this database.
However, you may not know that flowerSoft keeps another database of recipients linked to account numbers.
What this does for you is give you the ability to press 1 key and get a list of all the recipients an account has sent flowers to.

Let’s take a look…


When you first go into the recipient’s name field, there is a prompt that reads F4-Cust. Recipients
If you hit F4 at this point, flowerSoft will display this screen…


This is a list of all the names this particular customer has sent flowers to.
The list is sorted alphabetically, but notice the prompt G-Go to a Letter
This gives you the ability to jump to names starting with a specific letter when the customer has sent flowers to many different recipients.
If you press G, flowerSoft will prompt you for the letter to jump to…


Let’s say that the name you are looking for starts with an M.  If you enter M at the Enter Letter to Go To prompt, flowerSoft will only display names starting with that letter.


If you make a mistake and enter the wrong letter, you can simply hit G again and enter the correct letter to jump to.


If you want to display all the names again, without restricting the list to a specific letter, when the Enter Letter to Go To prompt comes up simply leave it blank.
flowerSoft will then display all the recipients for that account without restricting it to a specific letter.

If you enter a letter for which there is no match, in other words, no recipient names starting with that letter; flowerSoft will let you know…


Once you find the name you are looking for, simply highlight it and hit <Enter>


If you cannot find the name you want, hit X and flowerSoft will let you enter the name as you would normally do and still search the global recipients database for a match, since it is possible that someone else may have sent flowers to that person and the information is stored in the database.


Next we’ll learn how to find out what the customer has previously sent a specific recipient.

A/R Poll

A/R Poll

While entering support payments into flowerSoft, I’ve noticed that I always go to the Account Name field first.

This means that I am hitting <Enter> through the Account Number field each time.

I’ve thought of switching the order in which the two fields are accessed but do not want to do it before I hear from you, the users, as to which way you prefer.

So please let me know by answering this poll.


New Features Suggestions

If you would like to see a new feature or an improvement to an existing one, please use the contact form to let me know what is it you would like.


Getting Ready for PCI Compliance

For those of you getting ready to start clearing your credit cards through Merchant Warehouse and become PCI compliant, this is what you will before you start:

You will need your credentials to access their portal.  This is the portal’s url:

It will bring you to a web page looking something like this:


They should have provided you with a User Name and a temporary password to access this page.  If they have not, call them and ask them to provide you with the information you need to access this page.

Once you login, you should see a page like the one below.


You can use this page to track your credit card sales throughout the day and perform other administrative functions

You do not really have to close a batch, since that is done automatically every night.

You can also use this page to bypass flowerSoft and get credit card authorizations directly through this page.

If you want to swipe credit cards and get approvals through flowerSoft, you will also have to get a credit card reader from them.  You have to get it from them since it encrypts all the data.

Other credit card readers will not work.  If you want to be able to accept debit cards, gift cards and other types of payment coming soon, you’ll have to get their Genius device.

This is device very similar to what you see in supermarkets and drug stores, where the customer swipes his or her own credit card, enters their zip code, pin #, etc.

After all that is in place, all we have to do is change a setting in flowerSoft’s defaults menu and you will then start getting approvals through Merchant Warehouse.

That is all there is to it.

Please not that you must download and install Net Framework 4 in all the computers that will be getting credit card approvals through flowerSoft.
This is a free Microsoft program that is required for the interface to work.
Here is where you go to download it:
then just follow the simple instructions to install it.



Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You…

Some new flowerSoft features coming your way…

  1. You will be able, from the Manager’s menu, to review all the new accounts entered by your employees for completeness and accuracy.
  2. You will be able to switch the account numbers for two accounts.  For examples, if you have an account with the number 7186980298.000 and another one with the number 7186980298.001 and find that you’d rather have the 7186980298.001 account be the 7186980298.000, you will be able to switch the account numbers with minimal effort.
  3. You will be able to access the Obits menu from a shortcut in the New Orders menu.
  4. You will be able to look at the time cards in regular time, not military time. However, if you need to edit a time card you will still have to do that in military time.