Tip #127 – Improvement to Riminders Feature

Tip #127
Improvement to Reminders

Do you know that you can have flowerSoft send reminders to your employees?

Yes, you can. Read Tip #091

But now we have made the following improvement to the Reminders program.


We’ve added a “Frequency” field and a “Send Only On” field

This will allow you to indicate how often a reminder will be sent (once a year, every 6 months, every 3 months, every month, every 2 weeks, every week and every day) and what day of the week to send on.

For example, you can set a reminder to be sent every week but only on Wednesdays.  Or every month but only on Saturday.

The day of the week takes precedence over all the other settings.

For example, if you set a reminder to be sent every day but the also add that it should only be sent on Friday’s, the reminder will only go out on Friday.

I hope you find this improvement useful.

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