Tip #126 – Reverse and Update an Order

Tip #126
Reverse and Update an Order

Now that most of you are clearing through Merchant Warehouse and have become PCI compliant as far as your POS software is concerned, I have to explain one thing that is different from the non-PCI compliant way.

That is when you get an approval for a certain amount now, you cannot just add or subtract something from the order if it is going to affect the approved amount.
In other words, before you could just go into the order and add something to it and flowerSoft would get an approval for the difference between the new amount and the old amount.
That cannot be done anymore.  Here is the way things work now.

When you get to the method of payment field and you select credit card as the method of payment, flowerSoft gives you a couple of warnings…

reverseandupdate05 reverseandupdate01

On walk-in sales, flowerSoft will ask you to make sure the customer can produce a valid credit card before you confirm credit card as the method of payment.

By the way, these are not extra steps you must take, they are just warnings that flowerSoft will display on the screen.

After you confirm credit card as the method of payment, flowerSoft will display another warning…


Is basically asking you to ask the customer if they have any last-minute additions or changes before flowerSoft goes and gets an approval.

So now you the approval and the customer turns around and says “OK, let’s add 2 mylar balloons to the order.”

If you just go to Edit or View Existing Orders and bring the order up and hit U to update it, flowerSoft will display the following warning…


What that is saying is that you can go ahead ad update the order if you want but you cannot make any changes that will affect the current amount for the order.
You can change the recipient’s address and that is OK.
You can addmore description to the arrangement that was purchased and that is OK also.
But do not try to make a change that will affect the total of the order.  If you do, you are basically giving it to the customer for free because flowerSoft will not even attempt to get an approval for the additional amount.


So, how do you handle a change to an order after an approval has been obtained?

You do it like flowerSoft told you to do it when you pressed U to update the order.

You have to bring up the order just like if you were going to update it but instead of hitting U to update, you are going to hit R to Refund and Update.


After you press R and flowerSoft displays the options shown above, select option #3. Refund and Update Order.

After selecting #3, flowerSoft will ask you for confirmation and if you say “Yes”, it will go out and issue a credit to the credit card used for the full amount of the order.


After it gets approval for the refund you are put in update move.  Now you can add those 2 mylar balloons to the order.


Just make sure that you go to the Method of Payment field and get an approval for the new order amount.

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